Google Now Requesting Business Documentation for Places Verification

On April 23rd, Vanessa, the Community Manager for Google, confirmed that Google may in fact request a scanned copy of your business license for some businesses when conducting a Google Places verification. This new process seems to be a verification measure Google may use in the near future for businesses with which they have deemed “unclear” or may not have enough information on. Advice Interactive does not presently have an […Read More]

Google Search Engine Algorithm Update “Penguin” Will Target Webspam

Google is updating its search algorithm again and has named it Penguin. The most recent update will target websites using spam practices in order to manipulate search engine rankings, reflected in Web 20 Ranker reviews. According to the search engine giant, the Google webspam update will launch today and affect around 3% of search results. The most common search spam tactics are keyword stuffing web content, having intentional duplicate content […Read More]

Local Directory Submission Reseller Opportunity

Advice Local (Advice Local) offers entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to make money while helping other businesses improve their local search rankings. Instead of using local SEO services to help promote their own businesses, these business owners purchase local site submissions services and resell them to other businesses who need help with local directory submissions. Local search engine optimization of this nature has become extremely important for businesses that have an […Read More]

Google Rankings Drop Actually A Parked Domain Goof?

Google’s Matt Cutts, head of the web spam team at the search engine giant, posted on Google+ an answer to the crazy day we had at Advice Interactive over our proud Page 1 rankings for our clients and ourselves (Dallas SEO) slipping into SERP oblivion: I saw a recent post where several sites were asking about their search rankings. The short explanation is that it turns out that our classifier for […Read More]

Google Over Optimization Penalty – Crisis Averted

I’m not sure if you know this but Google implemented an update to their algorithm today, starting around 11 am CST. This is the change that Matt Cutts from Google warned us all about.  This new change will penalize sites that “over optimize”, use unnatural link building tactics and those who buy links. Now, normally when Google updates their algorithm, we hold our breath and watch the SERPs for our […Read More]

Google Places SERP Showing Different Results – New Changes?

Late on April 16th and continuing on today, Google Places is showing a new display format on the SERP (search engine result page) for Places searches solely across all niches of businesses. Here is a screenshot of how the Places SERP looked just yesterday. You will notice at the bottom, you can see more than 1 page to the SERP. Today, that same search returns this SERP. If you scroll […Read More]

Google Places Questions Answered In Hangout

Insider Track Direct From Google Hangout On April 4th 2012, leaders of Advice Interactive Group joined the main Google Places Team, at a Google Hangout streamed LIVE from Google headquarters. Joining us from Google were Joel Headley and Vanessa Scheider via real time live video discussion. The discussion allowed us to ask Google direct questions about Google, Google Places, and the Google Places search strategy that was very informative. Being able […Read More]

Important Google Places Announcement for Clients and Resellers

Attention: All Clients and Resellers! On March 22nd Google updated their guidelines for Google Places: In short, the guidelines now state, “If you do not receive customers at your physical location, you must select the “Do not show my business address on my Maps listing” option within your Google Places dashboard. If you do not hide your address, your Google Places listing may be removed from Google Maps.” It is […Read More]