Responsive Web Design: Working With CSS3 Media Queries

In my previous post, I took you through the basic steps to create a fluid grid. And while this responsive site does grow and shrink depending on your browser’s window size, it’s not quite complete. The second component of responsive web design is CSS3 media queries. As explained by the W3C, “A media query consists of a media type and zero or more expressions that check for the conditions of […Read More]

SEO Wars Quiz – Are You a Jedi of Search?

Much like the force, there is a dark side and a light side to SEO. You may have heard terms like “Black Hat” or “Negative Links”. Take our quiz and find out if you have succumb to the dark side or if you are a Jedi of search. [flex][/flex] Want to include this on your site? Feel free, the embed code is below. [code language=”html”]<iframe src="/seowars/" width="680" height="700"></iframe>[/code]

How to Blog for Your Business [Part 2]

Creating the Perfect Post for Your Business to Build Consumer Trust In “How to Blog for Your Business [Part 1]” we discussed choosing your audience and understanding them. Knowing how to write a blog and who you’re writing it for is almost as important as the actual blog. They are partners in creating an optimum post with the most relevant information for your clientele. Part 2 delves into engaging your […Read More]

5 Tips For Handling Web Development Requests, Without Pulling Your Hair Out

So you are just starting your day, and you seem to be buried under a pile of work. Not so fast, it doesn’t have to be that way. Does this sound like your day? You have an open request to build a site. You also have an open request to make minor adjustments to a different site (or two or three different sites). Those requests seem to come through a multitude […Read More]

How to Blog for Your Business [Part 1]

Creating the Perfect Post for Your Business to Build Consumer Trust This is a brave new world and we are all Columbus in our own right—exploring the vast territory of that which is the Internet. Explorers no longer slice through exotic palms, have devilish good looks, or die of horrific diseases. No, contemporary explorers wade through oceans of data and information, fight against a sea of changing algorithms and advertisements, […Read More]

Reinventing the Press Release to Shine Online, Pt. 2

Keep News Items Short, Interactive and Optimized for Search Engines As discussed in Part 1 of this 2-part blog series about “press releases” for small business, things have changed greatly over the years for the classic press release. With the advent of electronic communications and websites, we are talking major changes – not just updated writing style with hyperlinks added. Press releases have evolved into a new category of web content. […Read More]

Reinventing the Press Release to Shine Online, Pt. 1

If you are an entrepreneur running a small business – or even a medium to verging-on-large business – sending out a conventional press release about your company may not be your first choice for a way to promote your product or service. That’s OK, because the “conventional” old press release probably isn’t the best way to promote these days. That does not mean that the whole concept of releasing information to […Read More]

Totally Awesome Tracking Tactics Using Excel

Tracking phone numbers has always been a fairly reasonable tactic for tracking where traffic is coming from, reason for the call, duration, and conversion rate. Now, with the continual growth of Google Ad Campaigns, marketers are teaming up both Google Analytics and call traffic to zero in their results even more. We were recently introduced to a PPC campaign that did exactly that. This client’s campaign came with a month’s worth […Read More]

Blending Graphic Design & SEO for Return on Investment (ROI)

“SEO is all about driving traffic to a site so that it can then make conversions, this suggests the importance of graphic design for SEO. Graphic design and SEO work together because investing in online marketing only makes sense if the website can convert visitors to customers.” – Ryan Farrell, The Basics of Combining Graphic Design & SEO At the beginning of a project or website build the options are […Read More]