Project Management Methodology Interviews, I’ve been playing around with project management tools and reading up on PM methodologies. Since there are a myriad of tools and methods out there, I naturally had a lot of questions about how other companies in our space manage their projects, meet deadlines, and ultimately please clients. In addition to a lot of research, I decided to reach out to a few people that have extensive experience in […Read More]

Informational and Transactional Keywords

Informational and Transactional Keywords: Know the Difference Last time I wrote a very basic post about how your site ranks in search engines. This time around we’ll be talking about informational and transactional keywords, as well as the buying cycle. Not only that, we’re also going to talk about how you can increase sales by catching prospects during the informational phase of the buying cycle. Sounds good, right? Yes, it’s […Read More]

Authorize.Net’s Recurring Billing Solutions

Authorize.Net is a payment gateway that provides the infrastructure and security needed to safely and easily connect merchants to credit card processing networks. It offers an API for most situations, making it a popular choice among developers and merchants. Setting Up Recurring Billing for Clients One need that online businesses commonly have is the ability to setup recurring billing for their clients. Authorize.Net offers an API dedicated to this task […Read More]

How I Use Regular Expressions as a Web Developer

When I first started as a developer dabbling at this Utah web development company, I didn’t have any idea regular expressions existed or a need to use them. As my development skills grew and I started using PHP, editing .htaccess files frequently, and exploring more advanced Editors/IDEs, I got curious and read up on some regular expression basics and here is a quick rundown of how I use regular expressions […Read More]

The Best of Advice 2012

The Best of Advice 2012 Top Tips from Digital Development, Marketing and SEO Experts Looking back on 2012, it’s astounding how much has happened in the world of Internet marketing over the past 12 months. From Google+ and Panda to Penguin and Pinterest, there has been a whirlwind of activity. All these developments added up to a lot of growth, excitement and recognition for Advice Interactive Group. Our fearless leader […Read More]

Planning Your 2013 Social Media Strategies

Happy New Year from Advice Interactive Group! While the New Year always brings with it a time to consider bettering ourselves physically, mentally, and morally, it’s also a time to look forward to the next year of your business. And if you’re a marketing professional, this means figuring out your plan of attack. Social media sites have become the dominant factor in online web presence. The Skinny Social reported in […Read More]