What the Heck is Author Rank and Authorship and What Must Business Owners Do About It?

NEW – Download our new EBook: A Complete Guide To Google Authorship & Google Publisher! We know that Google has been fighting a long battle with Facebook—a battle over search and users. Google’s social networking platform, Google+, competes directly with Facebook. To solidify the position of Google+ and to make it completely necessary to users, Google has integrated it into its search results algorithms, known as Author Rank and Authorship. […Read More]

What the New Facebook News Feed Means for Your Business

In a very anticipated announcement on Thursday, Facebook revealed a brand new look for the first thing that everyone sees when they log on—their News Feed. Currently, the News Feed delivers all the content you follow—from your friends, your interests, and the pages you like—into one giant stream of content. The new News Feed flips this idea on its head. Mark Zuckerberg stated in his announcement that the goal of […Read More]

To Groupon or Not to Groupon

Promoting your business online is a must in today’s economy. Businesses are shifting marketing dollars from traditional channels, ones that have been around for close to 100 years in some cases, to the digital landscape. Internet marketing offers many avenues for online promotion and one such service has almost (not quite) branded itself into verb status. The daily deal and coupon promotion site, Groupon, has become immensely popular. Businesses of […Read More]

10 Quotes to Motivate Your Marketing

I love quotes. In fact, I keep a quote book where I keep inspirational, relevant, and funny quotes I can refer to at any time. On bad days, they keep me motivated to keep pushing ahead, and on good days, they remind me to always strive for more. You can Google search “marketing quotes” to find hundreds of other blogs filled with quotes about the industry, but usually need something […Read More]