Top 10 SEO Women & Why You Should Follow Them

Yesterday, I revealed my list of the Top 10 SEO Men with reasons why you should follow them on social media. Today I present my list of the top 10 SEO women, who represent the top thought leaders on search, social, and content marketing. See also: Top 10 SEO Men & Why You Should Follow Them The Top 10 SEO Women Ann Smarty Owner of since November 2009 and […Read More]

Top 10 SEO Men & Why You Should Follow Them

If you haven’t taken notice of it, the SEO business has many worthwhile, experienced, skilled, and valuable individuals who offer a variety of different services, perspectives, and knowledge. There are a group of experienced people out there offering a wide range of SEO tips and suggestions. These individuals have become leaders of their craft. The search marketing and optimization world has so much information—it is sometimes hard to distinguish good […Read More]

Getting Started with Google PageSpeed Insights to Analyze Your Mobile Efforts

The PageSpeed Insights tool from Google has been around for a long time, but in the past the tool only gave you information regarding your desktop site. Fortunately this tool now not only has the functionality to give you information about your mobile site, but more companies are turning to this tool specifically for mobile. In other words, the need and use for this tool has shifted. There has been […Read More]

Pay-Per-Click Expert Susan Wenograd Talks Pitfalls, Specialization and Google

With all the haranguing over not provided, many companies are now being forced to look at paid media as a means of increasing sales for their business. Today, Paid Media, or Pay-Per-Click (PPC), is viewed less as a novelty than as a necessity, and the change is not always an easy one to accept. Even so, PPC is an integral part of the business landscape, says Susan Wenograd, a paid […Read More]

Google Authorship Troubleshooting Tips: An Infographic

It’s been said over and over again just how important Google Authorship is going to be to the future of SEO and content marketing. Search Engine Journal has said it, AJ Kohn has said it, and Matt Cutts confirmed it as part of his keynote address during Pubcon Las Vegas 2013. From all of the chatter, it more than seems that Authorship is poised to become the defining feature of real-time content […Read More]

Top Presentations at Pubcon Las Vegas 2013

Pubcon is one of the most amazing search conferences in the world, and we were so excited to be able to attend Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 this year! All of this year’s speakers were amazing and our entire team learned so much about local search, social, digital advertising, paid search, and more. Below, I’ve listed our top picks from this year’s session presentations (with links to their slide decks where […Read More]

How to Do the Social Media #BUMP: Facebook’s Story Bumping

Have you heard about Facebook’s “Story Bumping” feature? In early August, the company rolled out a new algorithm geared at rewarding posts that have high interaction rates but a low number of views. You may have recently noticed that a post on your News Feed that’s several hours old is still appearing above more recent content. That’s Story Bumping. Facebook changed their algorithm to push stories you haven’t seen above […Read More]