3 Tips That Will Save Your Bacon When Proofing Web Copy

You’re not a writer, and you don’t pretend to be. But when the CEO says he needs a new blog up on the website right away, you’re the closest thing to a writer the company has. Problem is, your administrative assistant has already left for the weekend, and while you can handle the heavy-lifting—knocking out a 400-word email newsletter regarding a special the company will offer beginning Monday morning—an extra […Read More]

#ContentMarketing and 7 Quick Tips To Boost Content Discovery

For the past few weeks I’ve been writing about the ways that classic SEO has morphed into content marketing. That doesn’t mean, however, that we can all focus on becoming great video directors or literary giants. Even when we have high-quality content, it doesn’t promote itself. We still need to consider how our content gets found and ways that we can help the right people discover the right stuff. Here, […Read More]

How To Make Customers Care About Your Product

Your product design team has delivered the winner you knew they would—a category-busting product sure to reshape the market. Not only is it a feature-packed, performance marvel sure to have the competition running in circles to catch up, but the product has first-of-its-kind technology guaranteed to elicit an iPhone-esque response from customers. Before you pop the champagne, however, here’s a bit of news for you: Your customers don’t care about […Read More]

How To Attract An Audience To Your Website: Part 1

Just about everything can be “googled.” After all, the ultimate goal of a query is to lead to a satisfactory answer, and a search engine’s purpose is to help users solve a problem. They exist to complete tasks and make relevant connections to help make life easier. So if you’re online, you’re good to go. Right? Almost. If your website is the virtual presence of your business, it must also […Read More]

Your Business Courts Disaster By Following The Ellen DeGeneres Selfie Model

Ellen DeGeneres’ Twitter-busting Oscars “selfie” still has the world aflutter, with social media continuing to buzz about the interplanetary tweet. Many fans and followers marvel at the “smart move” by Samsung, a brand seen as nipping at the heels of Apple, cutting into sales of the vaunted iPhone with its Galaxy lineup. And with all of the attention given to the tweet, once again the doors have flung open to […Read More]

Where Have All the SEO People Gone?

Recently, I was thinking about the musician Pete Seeger, who died in January at the age of 94 after a long life of activism. One of his more famous songs is “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” and this title made me think of all the SEO specialists there once were, and how lately I haven’t heard much about them. Where did they all go? Content and SEO As the […Read More]

5 Ways to Tailor Your Social Media Game Plan

While being on social media is half the battle, how you use it largely determines whether your business will sink or swim. Here are five ways you can stay afloat in the choppy waters of social media: 1. Stake your claim Acquire your brand’s “handle” on every social media outlet you can think of, especially the big ones like Twitter and Facebook. If you have a bigger brand or are […Read More]