Citation Services Compared – Don’t Forget About Advice Local

A recent post on the BrightLocal blog compared several different citation services providers in a wide range of categories. While we’d like to thank the author, Myles Anderson, for shining a light on how various providers stack up against each other, we’d also like to take the opportunity to show you how Advice Local matches up against what Anderson terms the “most prominent services in the market.” Anderson looked at six citation services companies: […Read More]

Part Two: How to do Local SEO

Related Blog Post: What is a Local Citation? By Rachel Morgan UPDATE: Advice Local has surpassed 1,000,000 manual local citation submissions! Expectations are the foundation for any Local SEO campaign as was detailed in this blog post. After these critical expectations have been set and understood on both sides, the data gathering gets underway. Get to know the point of contact within the organization; this includes the contact name, email […Read More]

Matt Cutts Confirms New Panda Algorithm

What is Panda 4.0? Matt Cutts confirmed Tuesday evening that Google began releasing the Panda 4.0 update. Matt Cutts revealed to Search Engine Land that this algorithm update will impact ~7.5 percent of English queries. This update comes just a few days after Google released an update to their Spam Algorithm over the weekend, which specifically targets very spammy queries such as “payday loans.” What Does It Mean? Websites in the […Read More] – Not Just Another Advertising News Site

While the concept of geo-marketing isn’t necessarily a new one, is – and its creation could be a huge boost to the mobile advertising industry. At Advice Local, we’re excited to consider the possibilities – and opportunities – this site can bring to local search marketing. What it Is is a directory that goes beyond the typical advertising news site. It highlights mobile advertising campaigns that work – no […Read More]

#Google Must Give Individuals “Right To Be Forgotten” (Or Not To Be Found)

Earlier this week a high court in the European Union issued a stunning ruling against Google. EU citizens, said the court, have the right not to be found on the internet. The court views this as a right derived from the right to privacy. If an individual requests that information about him/her be removed from the SERPs, Google must comply. While current European privacy law says that “relevant” and “up […Read More]

How to Begin a Local SEO Campaign

Related Blog Post: Google Bans Regus Locations The most successful Local SEO campaigns begin with solid foundations. Communication between a Digital Marketing Agency and the Local Business Owner should always outline proper expectations. Who? – Local Business and Agency What? – Data Responsibility Why? – Local SEO Campaign Integrity; Lost postcards lead to lost revenue Where? – Mailbox When? – Less than 30 Days; Most likely 14 days Local SEO Begins […Read More]

Local Listing Service Optimization

Marketing a business now entails a number of media. Most companies have a handle on traditional avenues, such as TV or radio. However, the online world is still relatively new and ever-changing. Using a local listing service can make your business more visible in online spaces, which means customers are more likely to find you when they need you. At Advice Local, we understand the major components that affect how […Read More]

New Google Places Policy? No More Regus Locations

A recent inquiry has surfaced on Google Product Forums regarding a new Google Places policy that would ban Regus business locations to advertise on Google. Virtual offices have long been abused to try and acquire rankings and visibility in a city the business is not really located in. If all Regus-based locations were no longer able to advertise on Google Places, thousands of local businesses would be affected. User cm1960 comments: […Read More]

Why I Wasn’t Impressed with Michael King’s DFWSEM Presentation On Personas

I have followed Michael King’s work for a few years now, so I have an idea of what to expect from him in the way of presentations, writing and such. It’s fair to say I peruse everything I can find with his name on it, which gives me quite a bit of perspective. So when no less than four people asked what I thought of his recent talk at the Dallas/Fort Worth […Read More]

Thrive With Local Directory Submission

Without proper ranking among search engines, your great product or service could easily become lost in the shuffle. Fortunately, Advice Local is dedicated to ensuring that your business receives the exposure it deserves. Using our local directory submission process, we vow to hand deliver your business credentials to all relevant parties. In turn, you can ably reach interested consumers far easier than with other methods. How Does Submission Work? Unlike […Read More]