Content Marketing And SEO: A Chicken And Egg Story

Before we proceed to discuss the title of this piece, I’d like to look at three very fundamental questions. Q1. How many brands engage in formal marketing? Almost every single one—from small mom-and-pop stores to global brands— depends on marketing in some form or the other for daily sustenance as well as long-term growth.  Q2. How many marketers today are brave enough to stay away from digital marketing? Almost none. […Read More]

How to Tailor Blog Content for Local Search

Making your small business stand out in a large crowd of national brands can sometimes be intimidating. Luckily, Advice Local has many ways to use locality to your advantage by integrating local SEO into your business website and helping you to tailor blog content for local search. Here are a few ways that we can optimize your customer’s searches in order to pinpoint your business in a local search. 1. […Read More]

Content Creation In The Cloud Across Platforms and Devices, Part I

Earlier this week, Apple announced some significant improvements to its iCloud service, now called iCloud Drive. The app, which was once just a storage place for iTunes purchases, is now a full-blown cloud server that can be accessed by most browsers, including those running on non-Apple operating systems. Clearly, Apple wants to compete head-to-head with popular cloud services such as Google Drive. Take a look at these cheap dedicated servers […Read More]