Implications of 13 Social Media Statistics

It’s more apparent than ever how social media is a core aspect of our society. People around the world spend more time communicating through social media platforms than talking on the phone or constructing emails. They access their accounts and stay connected through every device imaginable, ranging from desktops and laptops to tablets and mobile phones. Social media platforms are used by people in every walk of life. Middle-aged adults use them […Read More]

What I Learned at Content Marketing World 2014

I recently returned from speaking at Joe Pulizzi’s Content Marketing World in Cleveland. I first attended and spoke on a panel at the 2012 Content Marketing World in Columbus two years ago. Every year the conference is different, so I wanted to share with you some of the things I enjoyed at this year’s event.     Content Marketing World is the show to watch: Joe Pulizzi knows how to […Read More]

The Intersection of Content and Quality in the Digital World: Stop Writing Disposable Content

The content we write on the Web has become disposable and overcrowded, with websites that say the same things as each other, and brands that are publishing to be publishing. Don’t be another brand to fall into the trap of creating disposable content. But first… Let’s understand why brands create content non-stop as part of their strategy to drive website traffic. Brands Publish Content Because: It creates signals for the […Read More]

Local Search, Part 2: 4 Steps to Create Accurate Online Business Listings

In the first post of this series, I outlined five steps for getting your business found through local search. The first of those, “Have Accurate Online Business Listings,” is covered in detail in this article. A Little History of Business Listings If you remember the old Yellow Pages that were inside printed phone books, you already understand the basic principle of online business listings. It’s just that now these listings […Read More]

Grow Your Business Through Local Search Part 1: Five Steps to Getting Found

Sometimes, in an attempt to maximize web traffic, small- and medium-sized businesses get so caught up in reaching wider markets that they overlook a growth market right under their noses — their own local prospects. Right now, there are probably hundreds, even thousands of people in your geographic area who are seeking a product or service you provide. This is true for B2B enterprises, as well as B2C, and believe […Read More]

The Most Important Free Search Engine Listings and Directories

There are a lot of companies out there that will tell you it’s imperative your company gets into all the free search engine listings and business directories known to man. And there are several submission tools you will find online that will do little more than bombard your inbox with paid submission services, link building strategies, SEO services and so on. There are several search engines where you’ll want to […Read More]