What Holiday Shoppers Teach Us About Content Marketing: 3 Big Lessons

All this past month the big business story has been about shopping. Would Black Friday remain black? Is Cyber Monday still a phenomenon? How will in-store sales fare? Well, the numbers are now in and they have some interesting clues for content marketers about how we should be promoting our content and marketing our businesses. Here are some intriguing shopping statistics and 3 big lessons we can draw from them. […Read More]

The 2014 Wrap Up: SEO in Review

Google likes to keep us SEOs and digital marketing professionals on our toes and they did a really good job in 2014. Here is a short summary of the SEO changes Google rolled out this year. Pigeon and Penguin In July, Google introduced the new Pigeon algorithm: a local search device that takes location services into account when making searches. For local businesses and sites, this development is hugely important […Read More]

Local Search Ranking Factors 2014 – Infographic

Moz recently came out with their survey of the top local search ranking factors of 2014. If you’re new to local search, I recommend you read the full survey. It’s got a ton of great information including local SEO factors affected by Pigeon, negative ranking factors, as well as comments from some of the most influential SEOs. Below, we’ve created an infographic that shows the top local search ranking factors […Read More]

Give and you shall receive… Do you believe in this statement?

During the holidays, I find I spend more time reflecting on my surroundings and how I can be more charitable in my day-to-day activities. It is great when you have the opportunity to connect these goals with other individuals and organizations. Advice Interactive Group is one of those organizations that I have a strong connection with. Not just because I work here, but also because we have a common core […Read More]

The 2014 Wrap-Up: Social Media in Review

As we close out 2014, we review what has changed in social media and how it affects the future of business. Is Facebook the winner for 2014?  Year after year Facebook has solidified the model for successful social media sites, and after 10 years of being on the web, it’s a giant that ranks right up along with Google in terms of prevalence and usage. Even as Google+ has been […Read More]

Four Reasons to Optimize Social Networks for Local SEO

Did you know that setting up social media accounts is one of the best steps your business can take to reach a wider audience and move up in the search engine rankings? At Advice Local, we are acutely aware of the importance of search engine optimization, and that includes optimizing your business’s social networks for local SEO. Take Charge of Your Social Media Accounts 1. Search Engines Index Your Content Sooner […Read More]

Join Us at the 2014 LEADING IN LOCAL: Interactive Local Media Conference in San Francisco

What better way to end the year than by learning about the best SEO and SEM strategies for local searches? Imagine getting a head start on better focusing your marketing and advertising strategy for 2015 while spending a few days in San Francisco. Our CEO, Bernadette Coleman, will be speaking at the LEADING IN LOCAL: Interactive Media Conference along with several advertising/marketing agencies, local media suppliers, financial analysts and hundreds of […Read More]