Navigating Omni-Channel Marketing for Local Businesses

Thanks to the adoption of mobile and its continuing increase in usage, digital marketing exists in an accelerated state of constant evolution. Every few years a new disruptive technology is launched—a tactic, software, app or piece of hardware. Businesses, especially small local businesses, must be ready to take advantage of these opportunities to succeed amongst fierce competition. Shifting to omni-channel marketing will help accomplish this. Marketing is no longer a […Read More]

How to Prevent a ‘Google My Business’ Photo Mishap

The Google My Business listing and featured image is usually the first thing a potential customer notices when they search for a business online. As such, it plays an important role in shaping a business’s online presence and reflects directly on business or brand reputation. Any failure to regulate the content displayed on a local business listing can leave the business susceptible to some rather embarrassing situations, as seen with this image for a Bed Bath & […Read More]

Bringing Down the Mobile Curtain: Local Presence for Mobile Search

In this ever-connected society, all businesses and brands must focus in on a local and mobile-centric approach to marketing. Competition is stiff and making it to the first page of Google, the Snack Pack, and into the hearts and minds of consumers is not an easy feat. As Street Fight Insights so eloquently pointed out in this research paper, The Mobile Curtain: Optimizing Your Local Presence for Mobile Search: “In […Read More]

The 10 Most Important Local SEO Audit Tips

At Advice Local we live and breathe local SEO. We want each and every business on the internet to succeed and increase its search engine rankings. One way a business can ensure they are relevant is to perform a local SEO audit of their website and for that matter, around the internet as well. Today, I’m going to share 10 of the most important local SEO audit tips. This isn’t an […Read More]

4 Ways Businesses Can Use Instagram Stories

Instagram dramatically stepped up its game this week with the launch of Instagram Stories, a new feature within the app that allows users to upload photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Sound familiar? Many agree that the new feature is a lot like Snapchat Stories, only for a whole new demographic. Snapchat has become increasingly popular with teenagers, whereas Instagram is more frequented by adults. So obviously, Instagram […Read More]

Amazon’s St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Cutter Marketing Gimmick? 5 Takeaways for Brands

So I was surfing Facebook just like I do every day and what did I run across? An Amazon social media post advertising a St. Patrick’s Day promotion. Instantly it struck me as odd, so I gave it a closer look. First, was Amazon really advertising about St. Patrick’s Day in August and second, does that pot o’ gold look like a phallic symbol? Why yes; yes it does! And […Read More]