6 Ways Local Businesses Can Score Big with Pokémon Go

As if we need another reason to be glued to our smartphones, Nintendo released a new app last week called Pokémon Go. Millions are spending hours finding, catching and training Pokémon. They are pretty easy to spot because they are holding their phones upright like they are taking a photo or video, and then they swipe their finger upward to catch the Pokémon. The reason this app is hitting home […Read More]

Google Announces Big Changes to Local Search Results

Google recently made two changes that affect local businesses, and they’re generating quite a bit of buzz. When searching for a local business, Google provides the initial ‘three pack’ of businesses that appear higher in ranking. But with this new change, when you click the ‘more places’ button, ads are now appearing in the local search results. Although advertisers do not get a pin on the Google maps as the other […Read More]

3 Review Tips Your Business Can’t Live Without

Let’s face it. In today’s world, your customers are doing quite a bit of research online before they ever contact your business. And often times, they select one business over another because of online reviews. Many of our clients ask us, “Where should my clients leave me reviews?” This may seem obvious, but our recommendation is to get as many reviews on several of these sites. Here are three tools […Read More]