4 Underutilized Business Listing Sites You Should Use

The Internet is one of the best inventions and, for businesses; it means the opportunity to utilize every possible form of free advertising, sometimes eliminating the need for traditional forms of advertising all together. Facebook and Twitter are the usual first steps, but if you haven’t considered utilizing a directory listing site, then here are four underutilized business listing sites that could help push your business from online obscurity into a […Read More]

Local Business Listing Service

Advice Local was recently awarded the 1st place trophy for a second year in a row as the #1 Local Business Listing Service. Advice Local has prided itself in providing rich media listings to its customers. Our philosophy has always been to add as much data to each listing as possible. Since many directories allow you to add a video we have created the free video option for our customers. […Read More]

15 Tactics to Promote Your Business Online

As usual, the Search Engine Journal makes a good point in Steven McDonald’s post, which you can see here.   However, I do think that in point 9, where it says (and I quote): “9. Optimize Mobile SEO and Its Accessibility The smartphone is the new yellow pages and mobile search, as a percentage of total Web traffic increases each month. In fact, experts predict that mobile usage will overtake […Read More]

The Winning Edge of the Professional SEO is to Write the Right Proposal

I read the post from Search Engine Journal, written by Ellen Gipko and she makes very interesting comments and points to the way SEO Companies make sales proposals…  Personally, my favorite piece is the following excerpt: (…) “IF IT DOESN’T FIT, DON’T FORCE IT In your ambition to sell your services, it’s very easy to focus on what’s good for you instead of what’s good for the customer. That shortsighted […Read More]

Does Google Automatically Localize You?

In a forum I was reading the other day someone posted this question: Does Google automatically localize you by location? For example, if a searcher resides in LA. When I type in “car repairs”, will I get local LA results only? And this is regardless of whether I am logged into my gmail account or not. My answer was: Well, What happens is that if the user, for instance, types […Read More]

Does Google Provide Keyword Results for Small Cities?

As I was participating on this forum, there was a question made and it is an interesting one about the way Google Keyword tools work and the size of the city that you are aiming for local SEO. In my years of experience using Google Keyword Planner Tool, I’ve found that what happens is, if your search volume is too low, then Google will not display any results.  This can […Read More]

Glad to See Some Businesses Care for their Reviews

I want to share this excellent thing that KB Homes is doing on their business site that is affecting not only their business growth but also their Google Plus Local Page listing.  I am certainly glad to see a business implementing an active strategy to getting more reviews posted to their Google plus profile. I have been advocating this to businesses and business owners for years, and this is exactly […Read More]

Something to Share…

When you are an active business, one thing to keep in mind are the business reviews that customers leave for you.  These reviews are great when you are sharing information.  For example, you can monitor the reviews that are being left for you at Google, Yahoo, Manta, Insider Pages or City Search (to name a few) with the use of any of the several review monitoring tools. Then, when you […Read More]

Are Mobile Searches Really Growing?

Matt Rowe makes an interesting point when he states that (…) “Recently released data from the International Data Corporation Worldwide New Media Market Model indicates that consumers are more rapidly moving away from traditional searches than previously thought.” (…) – The rest of the article is here– Nonetheless, it might also be a good idea to mention that when people or potential customers are doing queries on their smart phones, […Read More]

Are National Brands Betting on Local Digital Marketing for 2013?

Well, I saw this post and it proposes interestingly that mobile marketing, local blogs and online business reviews as the top digital tactics to be added for 2013 and state that for 2012 the top most used tactics were SEO, social media and facebook… That being said, is it possible that the “new” tactics are to be “added” to the already existing ones?