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Local Directory Submission Reseller Opportunity

Advice Local (Advice Local) offers entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to make money while helping other businesses improve their local search rankings. Instead of using local SEO services to help promote their own businesses, these business owners purchase local site submissions services and resell them to other businesses who need help with local directory submissions.

Local search engine optimization of this nature has become extremely important for businesses that have an online presence. Customers often search for businesses in their area that will meet their needs. If a business can get page 1 ranking on local directories, that business is more likely to attract customers who live in the area.

Advice Local is a local site submission company that helps customers with Google Places optimization, Yahoo! Local optimization and optimization on other top local sites. These services help businesses rise to the top of local listings for keywords associated with their business niche, which ultimately results in more visits to the business’ webpage or physical location.

Reselling these types of services has become a popular business in and of itself because so many businesses need the local directory services that these types of submission sites offer. Entrepreneurs can easily remake the money they spend on the services by reselling them to a business who is in need of improving local site-rank. In this manner, the directory submission reseller becomes a liaison between the directory site and the local business, helping both businesses to do what they need to do to make money.

Advice Local offers resellers the ability to manage their clients and keep track of which services have been sold via an online application. Resellers are free to charge whatever they wish for reselling the services and can get professional looking reports from Advice Local with their logo and business name. If you are interested in reselling these services, please contact Advice Local at 855-714-7634.

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