Mastering Content Curation: What Kind of Content Should Businesses Curate?

Last time I published, it was on the secret sauce of content marketing – content curation. Ideally, all business owners would have the time each day to sit down and write about their products, services and how they’re helping new customers — but it just isn’t possible. Instead, they can leverage content curation to assist in keeping their blog publishing and social media updated. As mentioned in my earlier post, […Read More]

Creative Blogging Ideas for Local Businesses

With a solid local content marketing plan in place, local businesses can leverage high-quality blog content to reach a wider pool of potential customers. The key is to write content tailored to the target audience’s specific needs and interests. For local businesses, this means publishing a healthy mix of local-inspired blog posts and industry-related content. Creative Blogging Ideas for Local Businesses via @Advice_Local Click To Tweet Not sure where to […Read More]

A Host of Benefits from Hosting Guest Bloggers on Your Local Business Website

I know, you get it already, I’m all about local search, good data and driving foot traffic to your physical business location and online traffic to your website. In that spirit, there’s an important strategy I want to discuss that will help drive that traffic, and that’s to have a blog on your site. I know many of you already do, but it’s an important element because websites that have blogs […Read More]

3 Tips That Will Save Your Bacon When Proofing Web Copy

You’re not a writer, and you don’t pretend to be. But when the CEO says he needs a new blog up on the website right away, you’re the closest thing to a writer the company has. Problem is, your administrative assistant has already left for the weekend, and while you can handle the heavy-lifting—knocking out a 400-word email newsletter regarding a special the company will offer beginning Monday morning—an extra […Read More]