It’s All About the Perfect Gift – And It Starts With Listing Management

The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s time to start thinking about gifts for that special someone – by “that special someone” we mean your clients, of course. While receiving a voice assistant might be neat, nothing will be more appreciated than listing management services. People are accustomed to seeing the holiday season as the time of the year when they spend the most money. But what if your […Read More]

The Comprehensive Local Citation Audit and Cleanup Guide You Need Today

Accurate local business citations can make or break a business! Citations, which are mentions of a business, usually online, often include the name, address and phone number (NAP) for the business, and sometimes will include a link to the business website. These citations are dispersed around the internet in the form of directory listings, map listings, reviews and much more. Citations are indexed by search engines and returned in search […Read More]

The Top 50 Directory Package And The Positive Impact It Can Have

No business or brand can afford to not be listed on the first page of search results. That is the simple fact. Submitting to directory websites is one of the best ways to increase local visibility; however, businesses must be listed not just on every directory site, but on the best sites. Our directory submission service does just that and more. The Top 50 Directory Package In A Nutshell To explain more about what directory […Read More]

Optimizing Local Business Listings Across the Web

Adding a business listing to hundreds of online directories is a great way to boost web presence and make sure the business dominates the market in their area. But to truly stand out from the competition, also consider the key elements to include in each business listing. Optimizing Local #Business Listings Across the Web via @Advice_Local #SEO Click To Tweet Always Include the Basics in a Business Listing The majority of customers who are looking […Read More]

Advice Local’s Top 50 Directories #Infographic

Advice Local only submits business listings to the top directories. These directories have to pass 23 different metrics, including domain authority and page rank, but we don’t stop there. The Top 50 Directories Infographic This infographic explains our top 50 package, the selection process and the results we get for our customers! Get the breakdown by reading the supporting blog post too. The Best of the Best … Top 50 Directories #Infographic by […Read More]

How To Create a Business Listing Using 2 Find Local

2 Find Local is a great way to make your business much more visible to prospective customers. This tool allows businesses all over the country to add their business to a nationwide listing. This could come in handy when you are on vacation and you aren’t familiar with the area and/or businesses around you. This is also a great tool to use if you are looking to find a new business in a competitive […Read More]

How to Submit a Business Listing to American Towns

If you want more local exposure that brings in more customers, you need to create your own business listing on American Towns. American Towns offers their customers an opportunity to become involved within their community. It includes public information on local government, schools, libraries, community groups, entertainment, food, and other businesses. 5 Clicks to Submit a Business Listing to American Towns Creating a listing is simple! Just follow the step-by-step process […Read More]

How To Create A Business Listing in Brownbook

Welcome to Brownbook! The free directory that anyone can edit! If you’re a business owner you are going to want to add and create your business listing on Brownbook. Brownbook allows you to promote your business on their website by adding text, photos and videos onto your listing. You can also receive alerts anytime someone reviews your business. The “How To’s” on Creating Business Listing in Brownbook Creating a business or […Read More]

How to Submit a Business Listing to Foursquare

Welcome to Foursquare, the leader in helping customers find what they want and where they want it. Foursquare customers are provided with businesses they may like to visit i.e. food, coffee shops, night life, fun activities, and shopping. Foursquare learns the customer’s preference based on previously liked locations and suggest businesses that they’ll love. Make your business more customer friendly and create your very own business listing. All you have to do […Read More]

How to Submit a Business Listing to City Squares

City Squares was founded because sometimes it can be hard for customers to find LOCAL businesses for their needs. City Squares can help your customers find you quickly and easily. Smaller, local businesses must make sure their business is listed on City Squares. Don’t miss the opportunity and learn how to submit your business listing to City Squares. Your Step-by-Step How to Submit a Business Listing to City Squares Submitting your […Read More]