10 Digital Marketing Advances That Will Impact Local SEO & Search in 2016

Technology is constantly evolving and, because of that, consumers are constantly changing. What they want, need and how they find it will also be ever evolving. Along with that search, local SEO, content marketing and social media will always be changing to meet the needs of the consumer. It’s a cycle that will continue to repeat itself. Below are some of the notable changes that impacted how businesses are found […Read More]

Is Your Digital Marketing Driving You Mad? Tips from The March Madness Playbook

March Madness is here and those brackets are heating up! If you are into college basketball or your spouse or colleagues at work are into it, then you have no doubt been asked to play the brackets. Some groups play for quarters, some play for chores and, of course, there are those that play for the big bucks (I am not one of those). Then, you have the manner in […Read More]

Internet Explorer is Going Away: Microsoft’s Project Spartan To Save the Day?

It would seem that the rumors and the wishful thinking of many (if not everyone) have come true and Microsoft has now confirmed that Internet Explorer is going away. (Yippee!) In the midst of the cheering that I am sure followed such an announcement, they have also said that they are working on its replacement, which currently remains nameless but tagged as Project Spartan. Microsoft’s Project Spartan – The Hero? […Read More]

Join Us at BIA/Kelsey to Hear our Exciting #MoData Announcement!

#MoData – It’s Here! And You Don’t Want To Miss it! UBL, Advice and BIA/Kelsey invite you to come to the BIA/Kelsey NATIONAL Conference and discover what “It” is! Sign up for BIA/Kelsey NATIONAL now, the conference is coming soon, so hurry! So, I bet you want to know, what is the next big solution is in digital presence management? Well, you are in for a treat. UBL Interactive, a […Read More]

How To Keep Your Digital Marketing in the “Green” on St. Patrick’s Day!

We all want to know new ways to help our businesses be more profitable so, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here is how to keep your digital marketing in the “green”. But first, a little St. Patrick’s Day Trivia…Did you know that the color originally associated with St. Patrick was actually blue and not green? That is a fact and now… A Few Facts To Keep Your Digital Marketing […Read More]

March in Texas: The Hub of All Things Digital

Texas, along with its other many accolades, is quickly becoming known for its rich technology base with some of the tech big dogs now calling Texas home. In keeping with this technology boom, Texas is playing host to some of the biggest technology and digital marketing conferences in the nation during the month of March and beyond. If you thought March might be a slow month for you, we can change […Read More]

What I Learned Watching Saturday Night Live About Digital Marketing

Like many Americans, and probably many more worldwide, I watched the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Reunion Show a few days ago.  And it really got me thinking about digital marketing and how timing is everything. My take on it was much like the reviews I am seeing on social media and hearing on the morning radio shows – some of it was greatness and other parts were boring or […Read More]