The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Directories

Directories can exist online or offline. For example, the Yellow Pages is a printed directory you would use to find the phone number for the pizza place. Think of online directories as the online version of the Yellow Pages – which also has an online directory! – but with a ton of useful additional information about a business. Today, we are going to explore online directories, what makes a directory […Read More]

5 Reasons You Need to List Local Business Hours Online

You already know that businesses need to maintain accurate NAP data (name, address, and phone number) online, but have you thought about how additional business details can improve visibility and attract consumers? For instance, have you considered why local businesses need to advertise their hours of operation online? That includes listing hours on the business’ website as well as in other local citations and business listings. 5 Reasons You Need […Read More]

Back to the Basics: Google My Business Pin Not Working? How to Fix This Common Verification Issue

Maintaining an up-to-date Google My Business listing is critical for local businesses as well as multi-location brands that want to get found by customers online. After the business has created or claimed a Google My Business listing, the next step is to get the listing verified. This allows Google to confirm the business owner’s identity and prevents anyone else from falsely claiming ownership. We recommend getting verified as soon as […Read More]

Attention HVAC Contractors! Let’s Make You Money

Making HVAC Contractors Money By Increasing Their Local Visibility Has your HVAC business gone from hot to cold? Nowadays, you must have your online presence on point in order to be successful. Advice Local is a local presence management company that has helped countless HVAC companies increase their online presence. Having a website is half the battle; you need to drive local customers to your page. That is where we […Read More]

Plumbers! Increase Your Online Presence

Has your income stream sprung a leak? A dominating local online presence has never been more important. Advice Local is a digital presence management company that has successfully increased local visibility for thousands of plumbing clients. While having slick website is necessary, that is only one piece of the puzzle. You still need to drive local traffic to your site in order to get business. That is precisely what Advice Local can […Read More]

Advice Local Increases Online Presence for Plumbers #Infographic

Achieving results for our plumbing company clients is what we strive for! Let the facts illustrate ours success. This infographic below shows the results we have achieve for our plumbing clients, the top citation sources for plumbers and much more! Read the supporting blog post now. Share this Image On Your Site <p><strong>Please include attribution to with this graphic.</strong></p><br /><br /><br /> <p><a href=’’><img src=’’ alt=’Advice Local’s Plumbing Companies Infographic’ width=’750px’ height=’2600px’ border=’0′ /></a></p><br […Read More]

How To Add A Listing To Insider Pages is a site dedicated to generating user content. The idea is to get real people to rate and recommend businesses like they do in real conversation. Like TripAdvisor, businesses can respond to ratings and reviews that they have received. This control over your image and ability to see what people think of your services is invaluable. If Insider Pages offered you nothing else, it would be worth it, but […Read More]

How To Add A Business Listing To is a listing site that garners over 1.7 million views per day, of which approximately 700,000 stay and visit the page.* For as low as $2 a month, you can get your site listed online. It assists businesses with local SEO and helps them ensure that their neighbors and community find their services when they search. The good entry price and ability to upgrade to significantly more powerful packages […Read More]

How To Add A Listing To GetFave

Editor’s Note: no longer exists. Please look to the best directories for directories we recommend. is a unique collaboration that allows businesses to list their information in a place that is easy for Google to access. While it gets less attention than other listing sites (only 61,000 hits per day*), it is great at working with Google to give you more visibility. Over 15 million American businesses use […Read More]

How To Add A Business Listing To Yahoo Local Click on the above link. Click on “Sign Up”.  Fill in the required details, then click “Next”. The next page gives you the opportunity to change any information, add a website URL, and a business email. Click “Submit” when done. The next page will require you to verify your listing. There are 3 options: Phone call SMS text Postcard (which is sent to the business address listed) The quickest […Read More]