The Google My Business Description is Back: It’s Time to Update Those GMB Listings

Google is a behemoth when it comes to, well, just about everything, honestly. From algorithms and pay-per-click to video, they seem to be the guiding force that influences how we all build websites, do SEO, write website copy and even build links for the local businesses we represent. In fact, according to Net Marketshare, Google currently has 73.73% of the search engine market. Consumers prefer this search giant when it […Read More]

Local and Organic SEO – What’s the difference? Is it Important for My Business?

Looking to reach more customers in your area? Local and organic SEO are both important for your business. Once upon a time, a business could purchase an ad in the newspaper or Yellow Pages and customers would start coming in. Remember those days? Well times have changed… With so many new aged marketing techniques—think social media, SEO, sales funnels, Google ads, Facebook ads, email marketing, retargeting display ads, and so […Read More]