Google and Twitter Join Hands for The Return of Real-time Search

Earlier this week, the tech world was abuzz with rumors that real-time search was going to make a comeback, thanks to the new deal between Twitter and Google. About four years ago, tweets used to show up in Google’s real-time search results, as space above the search results was reserved for tweets about the particular search term. Tweet Data in Search Provided Important Information Users got to know about the […Read More]

Your Business Courts Disaster By Following The Ellen DeGeneres Selfie Model

Ellen DeGeneres’ Twitter-busting Oscars “selfie” still has the world aflutter, with social media continuing to buzz about the interplanetary tweet. Many fans and followers marvel at the “smart move” by Samsung, a brand seen as nipping at the heels of Apple, cutting into sales of the vaunted iPhone with its Galaxy lineup. And with all of the attention given to the tweet, once again the doors have flung open to […Read More]