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Ashish Nitharia
SEO Manager

Ashish Nitharia is SEO Manager at Advice Local. Currently, Ashish identifies and resolves technical SEO issues, monitors, analyzes and reports on SEO performance, audits websites for SEO issues, conducts keyword/persona research, consults on site-level SEO strategies, and conducts page-level optimization.

With 10 years of experience designing and delivering online marketing practices, Ashish has worked with strategies including SEO, PPC, Google Analytics & Tracking, Marketing Attribution, Google Tag Management, and Business Intelligence.

He has also performed multiple roles in Customer Account Management, Project-Team-Delivery Management and Vendor Relationship Management in agency and brand environments.

Graduating in 2008, Ashish earned a B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) in Computer Science and Engineering from India’s Anand Engineering College.

In his free time, Ashish loves to read and understand the weirdness of quantum mechanics.