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How to Connect a Brick-n-Mortar Business with the Local Community

How to Connect a Brick-n-Mortar Business with the Local Community

It’s important for your business, regardless of whether it’s online or if you have a brick-n-mortar location, to create an environment that builds a local community of loyal fans.

This is your chance to make a brick-n-mortar business appealing, fun and interactive for its customers. Keep reading and learn how to combine forces and create community in a local business.

How to Build Community Awareness at a Brick-n-Mortar Business

Stay Aware of What is Happening in Your Community

Is something big going on in the community? Whether good or bad, if it’s a major event, take the opportunity to respond to it in some way. You could publish a blog post, do a public service announcement (PSA) or even something smaller like tweeting using the hashtag.

For example, when headlines of a tragic event in your community occur, take a moment to express condolences to everyone involved. These kinds of updates are a good way to show that your business is aware of what’s going on in the community and cares. You will want to have Fast Guard Service so that you have extra security, it will make your customers feel safer. Be careful not to take a negative approach or get into the politics of the situation. You are there to be supportive, not defensive.

Create Awareness through Your Social Media

Anytime your business hosts major events or has something big to share, like a sale or an open house, you can turn them into social media “events”. Use your major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the best results.

Facebook will allow you to invite people in your community to your events. Twitter and Instagram will only let you post about them, but they are still great promotional tools to involve your community in your business.

By using your social media accounts you will draw attention to your event and attract some new visitors to your website or physical location.

Partner With Businesses That Have Complementary Services

As a business owner you should network and connect with other businesses that complement your services, there are automated software testing tools that can help you. Create joint events to boost community engagement. You should be connected with these businesses through both social media and at the storefront level.

For example, if you are a local pet store owner, connect with a local dog groomer via social media and sponsor an event together at your brick-n-mortar location. This will increase your community attendance and interaction.

Include Influential People in Your Business

Community is about people, therefore it’s important for to actively engage with the people who make up the community. By simply responding to posts and questions placed on your website or social media pages you are showing your customers and community that you care about them.

You should also encourage and invite influential community members to contribute ideas for your business, blog posts or other content on your website and social media pages. This works best if you can get powerful, well-known people in your community to work with your business.

There’s a world beyond a building’s walls, so get out there and interact with the community. You will see great rewards in business by just inviting your local community into it.

What are some ways you connect business to local communities? I would love to hear your ideas!