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I’m All About That Data #MoData Video

I am really excited to share with you the #MoData video we created to raise brand awareness about our industry and to educate you about why you need to control your data and how to take your data back.

Let’s start by watching this fun video.

I’m All About That Data #MoData Video

Now, let’s explore why you need to control your data, also often referred to as citations or your NAP (name / address / phone number).

Why You Need To Control Your Data

  1. Google serves your business information to mobile searchers based on their location when searching and the address of your business
  2. Consistent mentions of your business on the Internet from reputable sources are a ranking factor on search engines
  3. You want your potential customers to know exactly where your brick-n-mortar business is located, how to contact you and what hours your business is open

If you want to learn more about how to control your data visit ImAllAboutThatData.com and sign up for a sneak peek into our dashboard.

How To Take Your Data Back

  1. Identify all mentions of your business on the Internet
  2. Claim the accounts that will allow you to claim them
  3. Update any inconsistent mentions of your business

Check out this complimentary eBook, The Complete How-To Guide for Local Citation Audit & Clean Up, for even more information about how to take your data back.

How An Outside Company Can Help You Control Your Data

  • Submitting your business for new directory listings on the Internet
  • Claim existing listings and update them for consistency
  • Monitor your business mentions on the Internet

Read Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Local Citation Builder for more on this.

How Our Services at “Local Site Submit” Are Different

  1. Customers are provided their logins and passwords to the citations we maintain
  2. If you decide to no longer use our services, your citations on the Internet at the time of discontinuing remain the same
  3. We have a mobile app for you to monitor your mentions, reviews, claim card and more (coming summer 2015)

If you have any questions or enjoyed the video chat us at the #MoData hashtag. Our team is standing by.