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In The News … Google is Testing Promoted Video in Search

Google Promoted Videos SearchAd industry sources are beginning to buzz about Google’s testing of video ads and what it will mean for the future of search advertising. Brands and consumers alike have shown that video is their go to medium when it is available, but there is still some question as to how well it will work in search.

Promoted Video in Search? Say What…

According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, 1.8 million words is the value of just ONE minute of video. 90% of online shoppers say they prefer videos to help their buying decision, so it only makes sense that Google would test promoted video in search results. Let’s face it, Google owns YouTube, so they already know the success that brands can have with video.

Have You Heard About Google’s “Micro-Moments”?

As Google says, consumers have “Want-to-know moments. Want-to-go moments. Want-to-do moments. Want-to-buy moments. They’re all micro-moments, and they’re the new battleground for brands.

I see this move by Google to promoted videos as another method for brands to better capitalize on providing micro-moments for consumers because they can potentially actively interact with them at the point of searching, before they ever reach their site.

The popularity of video is increasing by the minute and with Meerkat, Periscope, Facebook Live for Mentions and now Blab.im, brands can connect quickly and easily with consumers. Google wants to keep people using its platforms and this is one way they may be able to do that.

The Questions on Everyone’s Minds

  • How effective will videos really be in search results?
  • Will consumers stop and watch a promoted video on the SERPs page?
  • Will they just scroll quickly on past to the result they were looking for?

What are your thoughts on video ads in search? As a consumer will you be watching? As a brand, will you be advertising? Share below!