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What Should I Do if I Only Have a PO Box and I Don’t Get Mail at my Home/Business?

Unfortunately, P.O. Boxes are not accepted as legitimate business addresses by Bing, Google, and Yahoo. If a business is unable to receive mail at home, Advice Local’s ability to submit to those sources is very constrained. If a business is home-based or service-oriented, and is conducting business from a residential address, supply the residential address. This address will only be used to create the listings; it will not be published […Read More]

Why Am I Not Listed in a Directory in the Presence Enhancement Package?

There could be any number of reasons a listing did not go live. Our fulfillment team populates a “Notes” section in our Progress Report with any issues they incur during the submission process. Some directories take longer due to their internal workflows and/or any verification processes that may be required.

What if I Don’t Have a Website?

No website? Don’t worry! Advice Local will provide an accurate name, address and phone number for the business. However, websites are highly recommended in any industry. Contact our Agency Services team or your account manager if you’d like us to build a website for the business.

How Do I Edit or Update Incorrect Business Information?

Edits take place in our “Edit Client” section of each location dashboard. Once changes are made and saved, create a Ticket indicating the changes for our team to execute and submit to the directories. Select the business you want to edit from the Dashboard’s main screen.  Select the “Edit Client” tab.  Once the changes have been made, create a ticket indicating the changes for our team to execute and submit […Read More]