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The Mobile Experience eBook

Mobile is not going to be a hot topic, it is THE hot topic. As a mobile user yourself you get it, but do you have the whole picture? While some mobile truths are very clear and self-evident, we would like to share additional information that can really get mobile to work for you.

Society has adapted quite well to our constant connectivity. Consumers make very good use of the ability to search, solve problems and fill needs at any time—Google designates these snippets of time as “micro-moments.”

The importance of mobile is revealed by facts such as these:

  • 82 percent of consumers check their smartphones as they make in-store purchases (yes, we all do this now)
  • 70 percent of consumers will abandon a page that takes too long to load
  • $1 trillion in purchases (online and offline) were influenced by mobile in 2015

Marketing efforts today must include a plan to reach out to customers via mobile. Businesses and brands that don’t do this, unfortunately don’t have a competitive plan.

So how to get there from here? This eBook tells you what you need to know and at the end you’ll find an easy-to-use solution for every business to meet their customers where they want – in the palm of their hand on their mobile device.

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