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How Much do Baseline Reports Cost?

Baseline Reports are covered in the cost of the Reseller Fee. Resellers have the ability to run as many Baseline Reports as they want as long as their dashboard is active and in good standing.

Do You Provide Volume Discounts?

Volume discounts are offered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your account manager if you’re interested in learning more.

Can You Waive the Reseller Fee?

Under special circumstances, all or part of the reseller fee may be waived. Speak with your Business Development Rep or account manager to learn more.

What Is Covered Under the Monthly Maintenance Charge?

We break down the annual charge into monthly payments. Day in and day out, we are maintaining accurate data for the businesses submitted through our network to avoid any inaccuracies or issues that may arise with the business’ listings. When a listing isn’t properly maintained, it can be easily overwritten by other data sources, causing inaccuracies and duplicates, and damaging trust with search engines and consumers. Included with the fee: […Read More]