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Diem Huynh
Fulfillment Operations Manager

I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Web Design & Development along with a certificate in Internet Marketing from Champlain College of Vermont. I’m originally from Vietnam and spent majority of my life in good ol’ Vermont and while the four seasons are pretty, the winters aren’t so nice. I moved to Texas in October 2014 and started working at Advice Local in February 2015 as their Delivery Manager. The team I work with are all exceptional and talented in their own right. It’s an ever growing company and I’m glad I’m here for the ride.

When I’m not hard at work, I love trying out different cuisines from different cultures. I’m a foodie at heart and one of my favorite channels to watch is the Food Network. I enjoy cooking as well but eating is so much better! When I’m not eating, I also enjoy singing karaoke, going dancing, online gaming, and most importantly sharing my time with my loved ones and enjoying the little moments in life.