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EJ Archuleta
Chief Development Officer

EJ Archuleta joins Advice Local as Chief Development Officer upon the acquisition of Scanther, a software company building mobile apps for small business.

EJ says: “The internet, building software, and startups are my passion. I love the idea of being able to create something that has an impact on people and businesses.”

Involved with software since 2002, during college and law school EJ built websites and web apps for fun, often with his younger brother, Austin.

Fresh out of law school EJ started his own firm focused on business and family issues. He also created and advised various companies including Scanther, co-founded with Austin Archuleta.

Outside of work, EJ’s passion is sailing and he holds various sailing certs. When not working or hoisting sail he’s prob’ly hanging out with his wiggly Brittany Spaniel pups, Mia and Riley.