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Conor Campbell
Account Manager

Conor Campbell is an Account Manager at Advice on the agency side of the house, joining us in 2015 as SEO Assistant and winning his promotion within the year.

He received his bachelor’s in multimedia design & development from DeVry University, and his credentials include being certified in both Google Analytics & PPC Fundamentals.

A dedicated team member with a strong work ethic, Conor says “Family is everything to me,” and describes himself as just a big kid at heart.

Conor originally hails from Somerset, New Jersey and has lived in Murphy for 3 years. As a fitness fanatic he loves the “extra summer months” of Texas life.

Fitting for a coffee connoisseur, Conor hipped us to the fact that he once worked at a French bakery, which he thought was pretty cool (and Conor, so do we!).