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Manoj Martin, Web Developer
Manoj Martin
Web Developer

Manoj Martin joined the Advice Local Technology Team in 2016. He says: “The team I work with is the best in the business!” Why thank you, Manoj!

A native of New Delhi, Manoj went to school in Irving, Texas and Pune & Chennai, India, working as an accountant and auditor before acquiring a degree in Information Systems Management and returning to the U.S.

Manoj has worked in many sectors including manufacturing, brokerage/finance, management and taxation consultancy, local gov’t, health care, oil & gas, and now internet marketing.

In the early ’90s he sang lead for the band “Mercenaries” and was offered a PepsiCo contract to tour nationwide. Whether at work being brilliant, visiting family on the East Coast or teaching his sons rock classics on guitar, Manoj is grateful for his amazing life.