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How To Include A Business Listing To Bing

How To Include A Business Listing To Bing



  1. Click the above link.

  2. Click on “Get Started”

  3. Bing will require you to search for your business first. Enter the details and search. Please note, there is also a link if you are wishing to add more than 10 businesses, located on the bottom left of the page.

  4. If you have never listed your business on Bing prior, then it is safe to assume the search will come back negative. Click on “Create a New Business.”

  5. At this point, Bing will require you to log in to your Microsoft account. You will require a Microsoft account to list your business with Bing. If you do not have a Microsoft account, go here to read the information on how to set one up, and open an account.

  6. Once you have logged in to your Microsoft account, you can start entering the details of your business. There are a lot of options with Bing. You can add more than one website, and enter up to 10 categories for your particular business. There are also other links which allow you to add extra information:

Additional Business Details

Can add hours of operation

Can add additional operational information

Can add a description of your business

Can add a company tagline

Can add the year your business was established

If you are in retail, you can also add brands that your business carries.

Images And Videos

Can add a business logo

Can add a photo of your business (Maximum of 10)

Can add 1 or more videos of your business

Other Contact Information

Can add a mobile phone number

Can add a toll free number

Can add a fax number

General Information

Can add parking options

Can add payment options

Can add languages spoken

Can add professional affiliations

Can add more information

  1. Once you have entered everything applicable to your business, click submit.

  2. Once submitted, the next page will inform you that your information needs to be verified through your registered postal address. You can click “verify later.”

  3. If you have clicked “verify later,” you will be taken to a page where very basic information is shown. Verification is required to secure your listing. Verification by mail takes between 3 to 5 days. Once verification is received, log in to your Bing account and enter the PIN number sent via mail.

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