Want a Ranking Boost? Google is Now Indexing HTTPS Websites Higher in Search

Before I get into what HTTPS is and why every website needs it, I want to make sure that you understand why it is important. The simple fact is this: websites that are HTTPS are now going to be ranked higher in search results than those that are not. Google Now Indexes HTTPS Websites Higher You could have the best products and services, but if your competitor’s website has HTTPS […Read More]

10 Digital Marketing Advances That Will Impact Local SEO & Search in 2016

Technology is constantly evolving and, because of that, consumers are constantly changing. What they want, need and how they find it will also be ever evolving. Along with that search, local SEO, content marketing and social media will always be changing to meet the needs of the consumer. It’s a cycle that will continue to repeat itself. Below are some of the notable changes that impacted how businesses are found […Read More]