The Five-Step, Quick Start Local Content Marketing Plan: Attracting the Right Target Audience

I’m on a journey to share about creating local-focused content that educates, attracts and converts. In the first installment, “The Five-Step, Quick Start Local Content Marketing Plan,” I provided an overview of the process for creating a content marketing plan. The second post covered establishing content marketing goals. This post dives deep into Steps 2 and 3 of the five-step plan – Target Audience and Channel. Let’s explore the right […Read More]

The Five-Step, Quick Start Local Content Marketing Plan: Establishing Content Marketing Goals

In the post, The Five-Step, Quick Start Local Content Marketing Plan, I described the five steps involved in creating a basic local content marketing plan. While it’s a great basic local content marketing plan to get you started, you really need to dive deeper into each step. I’ll be taking you on the deeper journey starting today. Dive into #content #marketing with @BernieColeman #AdviceLocal Click To Tweet Diving Deep: Creating Action-Focused […Read More]

The Five-Step, Quick Start Local Content Marketing Plan

To get local customers, you need a content marketing plan that is local focused. It’s time to review your activities. Assessing whether or not your efforts have delivered the results you expected is a necessary task. Even though many businesses regularly update their Facebook page and Twitter account, most do not know how to measure the return on their content marketing investments. A business must know what a “like” is worth, […Read More]

Increase the Visibility of Multi-Location Businesses in Search Starting Today

Local presence management is critical to ensuring multi-location businesses are visible when shoppers turn to Google and other search engines to discover nearby products or locations. Unfortunately, inaccurate location data can spread and corrupt a brand’s online presence in more ways than you can count. And when it comes to local visibility and data issues, businesses with more than one location are also susceptible to a slew of additional challenges. […Read More]

Amplify Local Business Visibility with Vertical Directories Starting Today

Local business listings and citations are a critical component of local presence management! Effective citation building isn’t about getting listed everywhere, but in authoritative sources that search engines and consumers trust. So, how do you know which directories are right for the businesses you represent? At Advice Local we do the work for you! Our team focuses on identifying the high-quality directories and sources that meet 23 different metrics, including […Read More]

Organic Traffic Methods to Create Authority, Attract Local Consumers and Generate New Business

Are you looking for new ways to drive traffic to the local businesses you represent? No matter whether you are an agency, digital marketer, or business owner, the simple fact is you always need to be bringing new business into the business. In a previous article I spoke about unique traffic tactics to expand the digital footprint of a local business. Today I’d like to continue on this journey and explore […Read More]

Unique Traffic Tactics to Expand the Digital Footprint of Local Businesses

Site traffic is at the core of every business, whether an online business or a local business that wants to drive customers to their brick-and-mortar location! Bringing a fresh supply of targeted leads that can be turned into customers is what every business wants and needs. Because traffic is so important to a business, marketers dedicate lots of resources to finding every possible traffic source. I know this because marketing […Read More]

Why Multi-Location Brands and Businesses Need a Store Locator and Location Landing Pages on Their Website

Near me, Nearby, Closest…these words are becoming increasingly common across the billions of queries on Google every month. Thanks to mobile phones and iPads, we can quickly and easily find things around us when we want or need them. Google searches for “locations near me” are growing rapidly, and so are consumer expectations. The fact is we want instant gratification, even when we are searching. Whether you’re a global brand […Read More]

Putting Multi-Location Businesses on the Map: The Guide Everyone Needs Today

Multi-location brands and businesses have their share of challenges that come with managing the online presence of multiple locations, from rogue social media accounts to duplicate listings, listings with incorrect NAP data (name, address, phone number), and the occasional location that decides to do their own thing without corporate or franchise approval. At Advice Local, we make things easy for our partners to understand and implement, to better serve their […Read More]

Announcing Advice Locator Pages: A Full-Featured Store Location Search Solution for Multi-location Businesses

National brands and multi-location businesses require search engine-friendly store locators with individual location landing pages for each store location—this is a must to win in local search. Yet, creating and maintaining store location landing pages can be a tedious, time-consuming task for anyone. That’s why I am excited to announce our newest product, Advice Locator Pages. @Advice_Local adds location page #technology to their product line Click To Tweet Introducing Locator […Read More]