The Latest in Local Listing Management – Citation Services Compared

When you’re shopping around for goods or services online, it’s only natural to compare. And when it comes to finding the right local listing management company, it’s the same. You’ll have pertinent questions: Are you getting the best value for your money? What about quality? Sure, local listing management companies and citation services might not be a pair of shoes, but when looking at the competition, these questions are just as […Read More]

The Voice Search Generation Is Changing Local Search Optimization

Voice search is now a reality – it’s pretty much taking over without a care in the world. I’ve been hinting at this for several years now, but did anyone hear? Perhaps it required a bit too much reading between the lines back then. Businesses and brands have had plenty of time to prepare. But who took action? Unfortunately, very few. People don’t like change because it requires changing up […Read More]

Change Is Inevitable – Find Out How to Win With Google This Week

Find Out How to Win With Google This Week It’s been an interesting week in the local search space; it’s also been an interesting week in the social space. Wow, even in the area of reviews! Which one impacts you the most? Keep reading to find out. John Mueller Says “Use Those Reviews” It seems we have the official blessing from Google’s John Mueller to post reviews received on third-party […Read More]

Franchises Need Local Listing Management, Too – Here’s Why

Franchises, more than many other kinds of businesses, need to be on top of their local presence online. Between managing dozens or even hundreds of different listings, responding to reviews, and touching base with their respective communities, franchise companies have their work cut out for them. That’s why they need local listing management partners to help bear the load. Let’s talk about why. Franchises Need Local Listing Management, Too – […Read More]

What Happens When Online Impacts Life Offline: The Big Takeaways From the 2018 Internet Trends Report

It’s that time of year again! The Advice Local Team and the #QueenofLocalSEO have reviewed the 2018 Internet Trends Report to find the most impressive and significant highlights. And, today, we’re bringing you the 2018 Internet Trends Report Infographic. (Definitely snag it and share with your clients and friends. We love when you embed and share our infographics.) But Wait… There’s More Every year, Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins (formerly […Read More]

Internet Trends Report 2018 Infographic

If you know anything about digital marketing and internet trends, then you know that Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins (formerly Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, aka KPCB)  is the woman to watch. Her annual Internet Trends Report at the Code Conference sets the tone for thousands of companies and users. This is why we share important highlights with you each year. The Advice Local team has reviewed the deck and discovered […Read More]

Making Local Search Trends Simple in 2018 Infographic

As you know, I’m passionate about local search and making it as simple as possible. I even have an entire content series called “Local Search Made Easy” dedicated to this focus. Today, we are taking it a step further and providing you with an infographic on 2018 local search trends to back it up even more. 2018 Local #Search Trends Made Simple #Infographic by @BernieColeman #SEO Click To Tweet Don’t worry, […Read More]

Facebook Is Considered a Web Browser… Say What?!

Google Vs. Facebook… the Web Browser Edition?! Last week, I asked you the question “Is Google Replacing the Website?”  Will I soon be asking the same question about Facebook? Do these two behemoths have a bullseye on one another? I know I have talked about these giants taking over the web before, but it’s hard to get past the speed at which they are doing it. Facebook is Considered a […Read More]

Why Agencies Need Local Listing Management Partners

When you’re running your own agency, you rely on your team on a daily basis. These are the web developers, graphic artists, SEO experts and content creators that keep your agency afloat, and without them, business would be much more challenging. However, what most agency owners don’t realize is that their tech guys aren’t the only people who can give their company the boost it needs. Agencies often refuse additional […Read More]

The Only Constant Is Change – These Digital Changes Will Impact Enterprise Brands & SMBs Alike

Are you one of those digital marketers hoping “the more things change, the more they stay the same?” I really hope not, because the reality is that the more things change, the more other things will change too! You can safely say this applies to pretty much everything. Today I want to focus on how changes made by Google, Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many others are impacting brands and local […Read More]