Special GBP Edition: Google Business Profile Features You Can’t Get Elsewhere

Last time we were here we talked with you about how to complete a business listing audit. Today we’d like to switch gears and discuss the Google Business Profile. The Value of the Google Business Profile Is Undeniable We talk about the Google Business Profile quite often at Advice Local, and yes, there’s a sound reason for that. With the Google Business Profile (GBP) being one of the most important […Read More]

How to Complete a Business Listing Audit & Why You Need To

Last week we discussed how to complete a Google Business Profile audit. Since we’re all about helping local marketers and agencies support their local business and service area business clients’ places in search results, we’re going to discuss how to complete an audit of their business listings distributed around the web. Three Methods for Conducting a Business Listing Audit There are a few ways to conduct a business listing audit. […Read More]

How to Run a Google Business Profile Audit & Why It Matters

Last week we discussed the top optimization techniques for a Google Business Profile. With Google rolling out a new look for those that manage multiple Google Business Profiles, we thought it was time to examine auditing your clients’ Google Business Profiles. Are You Performing Google Business Profile Audits for Clients? We talked with you once before about stress-free audits, and today we want to discuss the importance of auditing the […Read More]

5 Essential GBP Optimization Tips for Local Pack Visibility

Last week we updated you on all the latest news from Google, Bing and other essential platforms. This week we’re looking at the optimization elements that all successful Google Business Profiles need. Optimizing a Google Business Profile for Search and the Local Pack It’s been a while since we’ve focused solely on how an optimized Google Business Profile (GBP) can help your local business clients surface more often in the […Read More]

6 Key Google Announcements You Don’t Want to Miss and More

Remember last week? We shared local holiday marketing strategies to help your local business clients reach consumers this year. Well, seems we’re not the only ones suggesting that traditional “holiday shopping seasons” might be a thing of the past. As Kelly Tyko at Axios points out, the big brands like Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy are starting their sales earlier and earlier. Amazon’s Prime Day might have kickstarted the trend, […Read More]

Local Marketing Strategies for the Upcoming Holidays

Last week we looked at how to boost local search presence with data amplifiers. This week we’re switching focus to the local marketing strategies that are perfect for securing seasonal buyers. Local Marketing Strategies for Boosting Holiday Sales Last year (at around this same time) we spoke with you about how to use a business’ Google Business Profile for holiday marketing campaigns. And while you’ve seen it, have you ever […Read More]

How to Boost Local Search Presence With Data Amplifiers

Last week we discussed the importance of building niche citations from vertical directories. This week, we’re looking at how to tie together the entire data amplifier network to improve a business’ local search presence with business listings. Maximizing Local Search Visibility With Business Listing Distribution You may recall that earlier in the year we spoke with you briefly about strategies to dominate Google search results. As a refresher, this was […Read More]

How Vertical Directories Help Provide Niche Relevance

Last week we discussed voice search readiness for local businesses. This week we’re looking at the importance of building niche citations from vertical directories. Are Your Clients Listed on Niche Vertical Directories? In recent weeks, our focus has been on the various dimensions of our data amplifier network. Essentially, these are the integrated channels that ensure your clients’ businesses get found on Google Search, maps, mobile apps, wearables, GPS devices […Read More]

Are Your Clients Getting Found in Voice Searches?

Last week we talked about growing a business’ presence with GPS accelerators. This week we’re focusing on voice search readiness and its role in our data amplifier network. The Voice Search Expansion Continues Just over a decade since its launch on Google and Siri, voice search has gone from a novelty to a mainstay in our lives. Increasing numbers of virtual home assistants, in-car navigation systems and mobile devices all […Read More]

How to Grow a Business’ Local Presence With GPS Accelerators

Last week we discussed how data accelerators help with local presence management. This week we’re looking at the role of GPS accelerators for a business’ listing distribution. GPS Accelerators and Their Role in the Local Search Ecosystem Location-based searches have transformed the way local businesses promote themselves online. Back in 2016, Google revealed that almost one-third of all mobile searches were related to location. With the ubiquity of mobile devices […Read More]