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Recession-Proof Local Marketing Strategies for Businesses

July 3rd, 2022 by

Last week we talked about the growing number of local search queries and what that means for local businesses. This week we’re focusing on some key local marketing strategies for agencies in the current economic climate. Recession-Proofing Your Local Marketing Clients as Much as Possible It seems everyone is talking about recession, especially in the last few weeks. Just today we quickly found multiple articles on SEO sites discussing this […Read More]

Local Keywords & Location Continues to Dominate

June 23rd, 2022 by

Last week we discussed expanding a business’ local search visibility beyond Google. Well, with the announcement that businesses with a Professional Account on Twitter now have a location spotlight feature, the timing couldn’t have been better. Location Spotlight for Professionals on Twitter When a business switches to a Professional Account, it can build its presence and authenticity on Twitter. The information a business can feature includes the following. Business location […Read More]

Expand Search Horizons Beyond Google for Local Visibility

June 16th, 2022 by

Last week we examined the importance of mapping apps and navigation solutions for local businesses. Today we’ll talk about creating a local client optimization strategy that isn’t restricted to Google. Reach More Consumers by Improving Visibility on Multiple Search Engines Damian Rollison over on Street Fight published an article this week that looks at Google’s local search dominance. Within the piece, he builds a case for the eventual erosion of […Read More]

5 Mapping Apps & Navigation Solutions You Can’t Ignore

June 9th, 2022 by

Last week we discussed the appearance of justifications in the Google Maps mobile interface. This week we’re going to discuss mapping app solutions for local businesses. Reaching Consumers With Mapping Apps and In-Dash Navigation Every now and again, we head back to the basics and explore the core elements of a business’ local visibility. As you may recall, we talked with you earlier in the year about why local businesses […Read More]

Is ‘Near Me’ Search Optimization Effective in 2022?

May 26th, 2022 by

Last week was a chance to recap all the biggest announcements you may have missed from Google I/O 2022. This week we’re switching focus to some important news on “near me” search optimization – information that could impact your SEO strategies going forward. Google’s Response to the Rise of ‘Near Me’ Search Optimization Over at Search Engine Land, Chris Silver Smith shares his research on brands that have “near me” […Read More]

Dominating Google’s Search Results With Business Listings

May 12th, 2022 by

Last time we were here we focused on how to use Google EAT to influence local relevance signals. This week we’re looking at securing multiple placements in page one of Google search results using local business listings, along with some other hot topics you might have missed. Increasing Placement in Search Results With Citations After a busy few days at the Association of Directory Publishers conference, we have returned with […Read More]

How to Reduce the Risk of Bad Data From Google Auto-Updates

April 21st, 2022 by

Last week we looked at the key role that prominence plays in local search pack visibility. This week we’re focusing on reducing the risk of bad data from Google’s new machine learning auto-updates. Google Will Start Predicting Business Hours Using AI and Machine Learning As a refresher, Google recently shared how they will begin using their AI and machine learning to update the business hours for local businesses on their […Read More]

These Key Factors Can Influence the Local Pack in Many Ways

April 14th, 2022 by

Last week we detailed how to perform a simple local presence audit for your local clients. This week we’re looking at prominence, and how it can help businesses get greater visibility in Google’s local pack. New SOCi Study Looks Into Local Ranking Factors Remember when Search Engine Journal brought up the relevance between prominence and EAT (expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness) a while back? Around that time, we covered how businesses […Read More]

How to Conduct Stress-Free Local Presence Audits

April 7th, 2022 by

Last week we rounded up the most relevant and insightful digital marketing topics of the month to end the 1st quarter of 2022. As we move into April, it’s time to shift the focus to a process every agency should be thinking about – local presence audits. Are You Running Local Presence Audits on Your Clients? It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were making our digital marketing New […Read More]

Why Local Businesses Need Mapping App Solutions

March 3rd, 2022 by

Last week we looked at the importance of data aggregators for syndicating business information. Well, today we’re continuing the data submissions theme with a focus on navigation and mapping apps. Mapping Apps and In-Dash Navigation Solutions Are Essential This week we want to talk with you about the importance of submitting a business’ data to in-dash navigation solutions and mapping apps. As a local marketer, we’re sure Google Maps and […Read More]