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How Do Citations Work?

Citations are the lifeblood of your local listings. Meaning without them, don’t expect to rank too well.

What are citations?

Citations are where your business information is placed on other website. An example would be your listing on Yelp. The Google Bot will go over to help and find our business information like Business Name, Phone Number, Address and URL. If it all matches up, then this is a “citation.” In other words, Google has verified that your business is legit on this other directory.

So a citation is basically another listing on another site that has all of your business information.

There are several types of citations available for your business. Most can be explained by taking a look at the Local search Ecosystem. The Local Search Ecosystem by David Mihm is basically what we have designed our submission process after.

What we have done is taken this blueprint and then added some additional business related sites like Facebook, Twitter, Ning, Blogger and other related sites and we post your business information on these sites. This casts a large web of data that represents your business.

In addition we place links on all these sites so that your business will gain over a hundred inbound links to your site. This will help in your organic search engine rankings as well.

Our hand submission process is better than Universal Business Listings and other submission services. The reason being is that we set up new accounts at each website. We then add photos, and video where possible, and then add blog posts, ads and as much content as possible to each listing. The problem with Universal Business Listings is that after it passes data off the first level data aggregators like Infogroup your data gets sent out as a feed. This feed is “thin,” meaning that they only send out basic information. So, while you may get a listing on Faves.com for example it wont be super optimized.

Our philosophy is that if your listing is ranking high on the other directories and search engines then this will help boost your rankings on Google and Google Maps. So basically, more is better. And I believe we have the best submission practice out there. If you really want  the best, then use our submission service. I challenge anyone else out there to match what we are doing. Yes, you CAN do it but are the companies you are working with actually doing the work. So read more about what we do at advicelocal.com.

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