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Reviews for Google Maps visibility.

The Impact Reviews Have on Visibility in Google Maps

While many factors influence visibility in Google Maps, having positive reviews is one of the most important. With the release of Advice Local’s Review Monitoring Tool we’ve simplified the process of tracking and responding to customer responses. But just why should agencies be focused on reviews, and how do reviews impact Maps visibility?

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Assessing the Impact of Reviews on Google Maps Visibility

Remember when we discussed the magic trio and the factors that impacted Google Maps ranking? Reviews play a crucial role in this visibility. And when you respond to reviews, you’re sending a signal to consumers and to search engines that also helps improve visibility.

The Review Monitoring Tool itself doesn’t get a business more reviews – but when a business responds to reviews it encourages more customers to visit the business, and to then submit their own reviews. By getting more positive reviews, the business will appear more often in search and maps.

According to the Local Search Ranking Factors report, reviews make up 17% of the Local Ranking Factor. In fact, the local SEO experts who contributed to the report identified reviews as being the third most important factor determining local visibility in local map results.

Consequently, when your local clients have limited numbers of reviews (or an overall negative impression), a core element of the magic trio – prominence – will not be met. Of course, occasional negative reviews are just part of doing business, so we make monitoring Google Business Profile reviews easy so you can quickly resolve most situations.

Reviews Offer Relevance

Alongside prominence, relevance is another one of the magic trio to consider. The content of reviews offers insight into products, services and locations. This added relevance increases the chances of Google Maps visibility across many local searches.

Essentially, every time a customer leaves a review it becomes additional content related to your client’s business. The feedback, along with the response from the business, adds to the conversation about the brand, reaping benefits in visibility and reputation.

Review Responsiveness Matters

The Semrush Local SEO Rankings Study found that the average ratings for the top three Google Maps rankings were over 4.1. In addition, there was a correlation between the total number of reviews and the top-placed site.

Clearly, getting a consistent flow of positive reviews matters when it comes to Google Maps visibility. And if we turn to BrightLocal’s Local Consumer Review Survey 2023, we can see that the leading review factor influencing consumers to use a business was whether the business owner responds to reviews – positive or negative.

So, a business willing to respond quickly to reviews can expect a great number of customers. Many of these customers will then add their own reviews, creating a positive cycle of feedback and responsiveness. And inevitably, this satisfies Google’s desire for review positivity, recency and volume.

Reviews Signal Trust to Consumers

While reviews are a vital trust signal, both consumers and search engines are increasingly able to spot fake reviews. Authenticity is crucial for appealing to customers, and the best way to demonstrate credibility is by being present with responses to feedback.

And remember, Google Maps is only one platform in the mapping apps ecosystem. With our listing management services your clients are placed in Apple Maps, Waze, TomTom and many more, so these businesses can reach consumers on the platform they use.

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