Why Every Local Business Needs An Apple Maps Listing

Our team just attended the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference, as they do every year. For our agency partners that attended, it was great to see you online. Today we’re going to share the highlights from Eric Shanfelt of Local Marketing Institute’s presentation, Why and How to Claim an Apple Maps Listing. Why You Need to Claim the Apple Maps Listing Andrew Shotland of Local SEO Guide estimates there are 100 […Read More]

Google Rolls Out Several Updates, Including Changes to GMB

It’s been an interesting month in the world of Google. At the beginning of June Google rolled out a Core Update. And along with that announcement, shared that another update will be rolling out in July. Google’s Page Experience Update that has had SEOs and web developers working diligently to improve the Core Web Vitals scores started rolling on June 15. Google said it’s rolling out slowly and will continue […Read More]

Local SEO Gets Its Just Due on the SEO Periodic Table

For those of you that follow local search closely, you know how important Google My Business optimization is for helping local businesses place in Google Maps and the Local Pack. For those of you that don’t follow it closely, hopefully you look to partners like us to guide you down the right path. (We love helping with this btw) … which brings us to today’s topic. Local SEO Has Been […Read More]

Near Me Goes Hyperlocal – This Search Qualifier Isn’t Going Away

As a local marketer, you know how important it is that your local business customers have a stellar online presence. Near me and local is even more local than you may think. You know that local should be prioritized, especially due to the fact that search results on mobile devices consider the consumer’s location at the time of the search in relation to the results. This is especially true when […Read More]

Google My Business & the Business’ Website Works Together

We’ve talked with you quite a bit about Google My Business over the last few months. As you may recall, just a few weeks ago we shared how changes are coming to Google Maps that were announced at Google I/O. We follow what’s happening in local SEO and Google My Business (GMB) specifically because this so dramatically impacts you, our agency and local marketing partners. This week we’d like to […Read More]

DexKnows Joins Advice Local’s Data Amplifier Network

We’re dedicated to providing the best listing management solutions available to our agency, brand and local marketing partners. And when we get the chance to add a new high-quality directory to our Data Amplifier Network, we jump on it. DexKnows Is Now Available in Advice Local’s Listing Management Solution Today we get to share that DexKnows has been added to our network. For all of our platform partners, if you […Read More]

Google Is Bringing More Changes to Search and Map Results

As summer gets near, local businesses should be ramping up their marketing initiatives. For you as a local marketer, it’s important that when consumers start searching online, they find your client’s business instead of a competitor. CDC Reduces Mask Restrictions – Are Your Local Business Clients Visible Online? Announcements from the CDC over the last week relating to COVID have consumers feeling more optimistic and safe about leaving their homes […Read More]

Why Is Google My Business So Important?

Yes, I’m talking about Google My Business again today! And there’s a reason … Do you fully understand why Google My Business is so important? Besides the fact they are Google, it’s so important because consumers trust Google. When it comes to search, Google pretty much has a monopoly. According to Statista, as of February 2021 they have 86.6% of worldwide desktop market share. As local marketers, while we don’t […Read More]

What Is Local Listing Management?

We know that as an agency or local marketer, you understand exactly what local listing management is. Yet it’s one of those topics that can be hard to explain to your customer when they ask, “Just what is local listing management?” So today, I would like to help you better explain this important subject and sell listing management services to your local business customers. What Is Listing Management? Local listing […Read More]

The Secrets to Winning More Business With Voice Search

Instead of talking about Google My Business today, I’m going to mix it up and talk about the importance of voice search optimization. What is voice search optimization, you ask? Excellent question. Voice search optimization is really just SEO, but more specifically an SEO strategy – the using of long-tail keywords within a website’s content. Necessities for Creating Voice Assistant-Friendly Content Researching questions that consumers are asking relating to your […Read More]