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Make Content Marketing Drive Local SEO

Infiltrating the Locals by Putting Yourself in the Driver’s SeatMake Content Marketing Drive Local SEO

My college Nonverbal Communications professor once told the class about how American spies infiltrating a foreign country spent months eating the same diet of said country so that their natural eau would match that of the natives to avoid detec
tion. Apparently, and not surprisingly, we Americans naturally smell of butter, but those in a third world country might faintly give off a rice, yam or local food staple’s musk, all detected subconsciously.

Content writing, especially marketed locally, requires that same sort of infiltration tactic. Granted you can’t snack on local terabytes stolen from a San Francisco computer to sell your product to the locals, but you can infiltrate the World Wide Web and use it to your advantage to attract local traffic.

In the infographic below from Brafton titled “Make Content Marketing Drive Local SEO” the concept of utilizing local keywords, linguistics, industry forums, news and trends is thoroughly explored.

Ninety-seven percent* of consumers search for local businesses online. Creating content that’s tailored to community audiences is an important part of local SEO. What’s more, local content marketing puts the focus on engaging website visitors, so you won’t just attract local traffic—you’ll drive local leads.

To sum it all up you can’t just plop down a website without researching the area and community demographics first. The locals won’t even get a chance to smell you, because you’ll be invisible.