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Judy’s Book Voice Profile Technology Helps Businesses Get Found by Voice Assistants

Breakthrough Voice Profile Technology Is Now Available on Judy’s Book

Today I am excited to share with you that our directory, Judy’s Book, now has integrated voice search capabilities within the business listings on the site. The business listing entity data is available and visible to voice search engines and voice devices. Keep reading to see how it works.

Store Locator and Location Landing Page Guide

Advice Local’s Presence Engine Applies Voice Profile Technology

 Each business listed in Advice Local’s technology has all of the following applied to their business’ listing on Judy’s Book in real time – and it’s all done automatically.

  • Local Business Schema
  • Review Schema
  • FAQ Schema
  • Speakable Schema

This powerful combination ensures businesses will get found in desktop, mobile and in voice searches.

For all our Platform Partners, this has already been completed for the active listing management clients in our technology. If you are a current Advice Local partner, but still on our legacy system, here’s another reason you need to upgrade today!

 As shared in our press release announcement:

“Voice represents a powerful marketing tool for business everywhere” said Bernadette Coleman, CEO of Advice Local. Coleman went on to say, “We are very excited about developing and deploying our voice technology solutions to help businesses worldwide. Voice provides deeper engagement opportunities than just about any other technology in our industry today.”

This new voice search technology really separates Judy’s Book from other online directories and web properties.

Voice Assistants Have An Important Role

Voice assistants play an important role in our everyday lives. How many times each day (or week) do you ask your Google Home, “What is the weather going to be like today?” Imagine how many people around the world ask their voice assistant this exact question each morning when deciding what to wear. In fact, I asked that question just a few hours earlier.

Voice assistants are convenient – they enable us to continue on with our day without stopping to pick up a smart device or run a query on Google Search from our desktop computer.

People like convenience and multi-tasking. And they really like handsfree — I might go so far as to say we love handsfree. And voice assistants allow for this. So as local marketers – and marketers in general actually – it’s our responsibility to consider these conveniences that consumers like and adapt the services we offer, so our clients can meet this need for their customers.

This is exactly why at Advice Local we are dedicated to creating voice technologies that our agency partners can offer to their small business and brand clients. Getting businesses found online is what we do best!

We started this quest by creating the first-of-its-kind Voice Search Readiness Score and we are going to continue with this same dedication. The use of voice search isn’t going to decline – in fact Statista forecasts that by 2023 the number of digital voice assistants will reach around eight billion.

We’ve Got Voice Search Covered For You, Too

Are you equipping your local business clients with the technology they need to ensure that their prospective customers are finding them in voice searches? Request a demo – a member of the Advice Local team will share how our powerful voice search solutions can help you – and how it all starts with a superior listing management technology.