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Citation Services Compared – Don’t Forget About Advice Local

A recent post on the BrightLocal blog compared several different citation services providers in a wide range of categories. While we’d like to thank the author, Myles Anderson, for shining a light on how various providers stack up against each other, we’d also like to take the opportunity to show you how Advice Local matches up against what Anderson terms the “most prominent services in the market.” Anderson looked at six citation services companies: BrightLocal, Yext, UBL, WhiteSparkSynup and MozLocal. To his credit, he was more than forthcoming regarding the fact that he took an unbiased approach even though his company was among those being compared. He also welcomed all comments – provided, of course, they were not purely self-promotional. He compared the different citation services in 18 different categories (which you’ll see in the table below). Many of these include vital features that citation services provide. However, as you can see, not all of them offer those features.

Hard Evidence

We’re posting this blog because we would like to show how Advice Local stacks up to some of these other providers – we want you to know just how much we have to offer. You’ll see that we provide several features that the “Big 6” don’t. Along with that, we also want to make sure you realize some of the other reasons you should consider us:

  • Our services are all manual.
  • Our process of finding citations and filtering them is the best in the industry.
  • Everything we do goes through a stringent QA process.
  • Our team includes more than 200 seasoned professionals.

We welcome you to compare us side-by-side with other providers. You’ll see how we excel in areas where the others come up short.Citation Comparison

Advice Local: Superior Value

Here is what Advice Local comparison looks like:

Approach Manual
update listings Yes
Create new listings Yes
Create account/listings claimed Yes
Sites in network 20,000+
Countries USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France
Google My Business Yes
Bing Places for Business Yes
Yahoo local Yes
Localeze Yes
infogroup Yes
Factual Yes
Foursquare Yes
Speed of updates Super Fast
Detailed reporting Yes
Cost $29–$299
Ongoing costs No

We also offer the following features that further set us apart from the competition:

WhiteLabel reporting Yes
PDF friendly reports Yes
Turn around time Most products 10 business days
Customer support A dedicated team that is only a phone call away
Citation cleanup Yes
How many submissions in total as of May 2014 Over 1 million
Recheck to make sure listings go live Yes
Languages spoken English, Spanish, Aussie

We hope that when you make your own comparisons between citations services, you’ll weigh all the evidence and consider Advice Local. Call us at 855-714-7634 or contact us online to learn more.

7 thoughts on “Citation Services Compared – Don’t Forget About Advice Local

  1. Hi Justin. Apologies for not including you in our post. We didn’t omit you for malicious or competitive reasons. We just decided to keep the review focused on a core set of services which our users/readers most often ask us how we compare to. I hear good things about LocalSiteSubmit and i wish you lots of luck with the service & business. No hard feelings i hope 🙂

  2. I love, lurve, LOVE Local Site Submit. I’ve personally worked with Mr. Liles in the above comment and I’m always impressed. Such classy professionals at that place doing amazing work!

  3. I am currently using Bright Local and have done 3 or 4 Aggregator submissions. I am just wondering if anyone has any real world examples or results. Like we were ranking #20 and after submissions we went up to #5 or whatever.

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