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Local business data submission.

How Advice Local Submits Local Business Data Around the Web

When you ask a local search marketing expert about the key factors influencing local SEO, citations are likely to be near the top of their list. When it comes to managing these local citations you basically have two options – build them yourself, or hire a listing management service. Usually, most agencies achieve the best results by partnering with a reputable provider, as this allows them to concentrate on what they do best. But what exactly does a listing management company like Advice Local do, and what’s involved in the business data syndication process?

Local Presence Management White Label Solution

How Our Local Business Data Submission Service Works

At Advice Local, we employ the best elements of a conventional listing management service and apply our own unique spin. Agencies and brand partners can expect an unrivaled combination of speed, accuracy and reach for maximum visibility.

We Use a Hybrid Data Syndication Approach

One of the first things you’ll notice about our local listing management service is this hybrid approach. You may be familiar with automated services and manual submissions, and we give you the best of both worlds. Advice Local distributes local business data (via API and manual submissions) to the top data aggregators and directories. With the ability to leverage the speed and efficiency of an API and the flexibility and accuracy of manual submissions, we provide a top-tier service for our clients.

Data Submission to the Platforms That Count

We use a multi-channel distribution approach, submitting your clients’ business data to a broad range of platforms. Over the years we’ve built an extensive network that is rigorously vetted for quality and authority. For a closer analysis, take a look at this comparison of the main citation services. Within the network you’ll find a curated selection of leading data aggregators, voice search platforms, vertical directories in specific industries, GPS mapping platforms and geo-specific local platforms.

Data Suppression to Ensure Accuracy

Data suppression happens to be just as important as the initial submission of business information. Inevitably, business data (such as the address, telephone number, or opening hours) will change and need to be updated. Agencies are often surprised to find that their listing management partners do not offer data suppression. At Advice Local however, we provide this vital service to prevent search engine penalties and a poor user experience.

We’ve Built Custom Google Business Profile Tools

For most businesses, a Google Business Profile (GBP) will be the highest priority – and the biggest source of leads and sales. Recognizing this fact, we’ve created a series of quality GBP tools for agencies. One such tool is GBP Sync, which ensures the GBP data always matches the main database on our platform.

A Premium Directory Listing When You Join Us

While there’s no shortage of directories that will accept business data, many of these low-quality platforms will absolutely do more harm than good. To avoid this, you can work with the highest-quality directories that have real users, an active community, a high authority score – and zero tolerance for spam. For example, Judy’s Book exemplifies these qualities and consistently delivers real value to its users. You’ll be pleased to know that users of our local SEO software and agency tools get a free Judy’s Book listing.

World-Class Business Listing Management Tools for Agencies

As you can see, Advice Local has created a comprehensive business listing platform that syndicates data across the web. If you’re an agency looking for a fast, accurate and responsive local listing management company, we’re the natural choice. To get started, call (214) 310-1356 or request a demo today.