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Google Search Engine Algorithm Update “Penguin” Will Target Webspam

Google webspam AlgorithmGoogle is updating its search algorithm again and has named it Penguin. The most recent update will target websites using spam practices in order to manipulate search engine rankings, reflected in Web 20 Ranker reviews. According to the search engine giant, the Google webspam update will launch today and affect around 3% of search results.

The most common search spam tactics are keyword stuffing web content, having intentional duplicate content throughout a site, and using black-hat linking schemes. The fight against such tactics is not new as Google has fought these spamming methods for years. The update is more of a roll-out of new and improved ways of detecting such practices for those who continue to try and find ways around the best practices.

To clarify even further, the “over-optimization” update which set the SEO companies abuzz is in fact this “webspam algorithm update.” A quote by Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team, where he described the update as targeting “over-optimization” was admittedly a poor description of the now live spam update. The update encourages the white-hat efforts of SEO firms like Advice Interactive Group and our clients need not pay heed to any other negative buzz about over-optimization and how it might affect their sites.

As always, we at Advice Interactive are committed to the best practices Google and the other search engines require and we keep up-to-date with current quality guidelines. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Dallas SEO firm at 877-692-7250.