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How To Add A Business Listing To Bizdays

How To Add A Business Listing To Bizdays

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  1. To commence adding a business listing to bizdays, click the above link.

  2. Next, click “Log In” at the top right hand side of the page.

  3. You will next be presented with 2 options. A free listing, or a paid listing. For the purposes of this “how to” we will select the free listing option.

  4. Next you will be required to enter your first and last name, a valid email address, and a password. (Make sure your password is unique and hard to guess)

  5. You will now need to go to your email, open the email from bizdays. Click the link in the email. You will then be taken to a new page where you will be required to enter your business information.

  6. When choosing a category, a box will pop up allowing you to enter 3 categories. Click Sign Up when all information has been entered.

  7. A pop up box appears confirming your online registration. Click “ok.”

  8. To see your listing, go to bizdays.com, click on your state, the city/suburb, and one of the categories you selected. Your listing should appear on the screen. To see the complete listing, click “Business Profile” which is located to the right of your listing.

  9. At the time of writing this “how to”, Bizdays was having some issues with being able to log in to accounts to edit, add, or delete information. It is suggested to wait at least 48 hours before attempting to log in and make changes as it takes time for information to be processed in their system.

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