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How To Add A Business Listing To Bizvotes

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  • Click on the above link.
  • Click on your state.
  • Scroll down, find your town/city, and click on it.
  • To the left you will see some categories, click on the one with the closest relevance for your business.
  • On the next screen, there will be a number of sub-categories. Select the one most relevant for your business.
  • A list of businesses in that town under that category will appear. Double check to make sure your business is not listed. Click “Add a Biz” to the left.

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  • In order to add a listing, you will now need to create an account. Click on “Join Now.”

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  • Enter information in fields provided. You will also be required to enter a captcha. Next step go to your email and verify your account.
  • Click on the link in the email, then click “Return to your page”.
  • A message will be on the page asking you to verify the business category and location. Make sure it is correct before clicking “Yes”.
  • Next you will be prompted to enter your business name. Do so then click “Continue”.
  • As we are assuming the business has not been previously listed, click “Not yet listed, continue.”
  • Enter the required information in the fields on the next page, complete the captcha and click “Continue.”
  • The next screen will advise the listing has been added, and that you can go to your business page to add a vote, and edit the listing.

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