How Small Businesses Can Use Great Content to Connect with More Customers

In honor of National Small Business Week, we wanted to talk about how small businesses can benefit from creating and sharing awesome content with their audience. When it comes to content marketing, there are several important questions small business owners must ask themselves before dedicating their resources to content creation. The key to effective content is not to publish more of it, but to commit to producing high-quality pieces that […Read More]

A Closer Look at Artificial Intelligence in Google’s Categories for Local Search

Now that Google has officially announced plans to incorporate machine learning into AdWords, artificial intelligence (AI) will soon make its way into all of Google’s search-related products. In fact, it’s already starting to happen! When our Senior VP of Technology, GP, heard about Google’s impending machine learning updates, he wanted to check out the validity of these claims for himself. He discovered that Google is already using AI to automatically […Read More]

What are Data Aggregators? A Look at How Local Business Data Gets Distributed Online

Have you ever wondered how business data gets distributed across the web? Or why local businesses sometimes appear in directories without ever having submitted a listing themselves? It all comes down to data aggregators. What is a Data Aggregator? Data aggregators are data mining systems that spread business information online. They collect and share business data with a multitude of sources, including search engines like Google. Why every local #business […Read More]

Apple App Store Update Turns Customer Reviews into Two-Way Conversations

In a move that benefits developers, businesses, and consumers alike, Apple will soon allow app developers to respond to customer reviews on the App Store. This welcome update (available in iOS 10.3) will make it possible for app creators and owners to publicly reply to user reviews, which are visible to anyone considering downloading the app. App creators will be able to chime in to address unfair reviews, clear up […Read More]

Why Millennials Care About Customer Reviews and You Should Too

Business owners and marketers everywhere know that positive customer reviews are great for business. Not only do they provide valuable feedback regarding customer expectations and experiences, but they also assist brands in establishing a reputation for quality, gaining consumers’ trust, and connecting with more potential shoppers online. Collecting customer reviews is especially important for businesses targeting the highly social, frugal, skeptical, and mobile-focused group of consumers known as millennials. Let’s […Read More]

Updated Google My Business Dashboard Sorts Listings By Status

Last week one of our team members was working in the Google My Business Dashboard and noticed a change that makes our work easier. We thought you’d like to hear more about it and explore how it can help you manage your own Google My Business listings. The updated dashboard allows users to quickly locate listings based on their current status. Under Account Summary, listings are organized by whether they’re published, not published, […Read More]

The Best of Both Worlds: Using APIs and Manual Submissions to Boost Local Presence

Establishing a consistent, accurate online presence not only allows a business to make a good first impression on potential customers, but it’s also essential for local SEO. One of the best ways to grow a company’s web presence is by building a collection of high-quality citations – whether through manual location submissions, APIs, or (even better) a combination of both. APIs Can Reduce Listing Error 40% within 30 Days Adopting […Read More]

Introducing Local Verticals for Restaurants

Let’s face it. Restaurants thrive on word of mouth referrals. A great online review can make their reputation, or break it. And when customers initially search for restaurants online, they are looking for sites that list everything from reviews, pricing, menus and photos. In addition to Google and Yelp, these businesses need to be listed on the sites that matter most to their industry. We call these niche citations and […Read More]

Introducing Local Verticals for Financial Institutions

The world of financial services is quite competitive in today’s market. Everyone wants to capture those ideal clients who are searching online for their financial services needs. That’s precisely why financial institutions need to be sure they are listed in multiple places, and not just on Google. In fact, many prospective clients are turning to sites that list complaints, reviews, and other industry-specific information. We call these niche citations, and […Read More]

Introducing Local Verticals for Home Services

Customers are likely searching online for home services, such as roofing, painting, plumbing and several other valuable services. Instead of searching simply for businesses in their desired location, they are looking at trusted sites for reputable companies that clearly list complaints, reviews, and other relevant information. We call these niche citations, and they are becoming increasingly important for businesses, saving the customer time by locating their desired home services provider […Read More]