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Infographic: Brand Loyalty

Many businesses choose to use a high percentage of their marketing budgets trying to get new customers. While continuing to get news customers is important, keeping your current customers may be more important.

Brand loyalty means that a former customer continues to use your products or services instead of going to a competitor. There are many reasons that a consumer prefers a certain brand, and how they perceive your company’s attitude towards them is a huge factor.

A customer needs to feel that they are important to you. They expect communication from your business such as coupons, thank you emails or letters for purchasing your products and services, and responses to their complaints and praises. Making sure to make the existing customers your first priority will really pay off because they can bring in new customers for you. In fact, 60% of consumers are influenced by the opinions and comments of other customers.

Check out the infographic below for more about brand loyalty and keeping your current customers happy.

Keep your customers loyal through:

  • Regular blogging
  • Interacting over social media
  • Offers and news through email and mail
  • Great customer service
  • Be available for communication whenever possible
  • Use less ads and more informative content and direct interaction.

Most of all. listen to what your customers have to say. If they tell you something to improve upon, don’t just tell them you will; actually make the necessary changes. The same goes for when customers tell you they like what you are doing; don’t fix what isn’t broken.