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Is Google’s Latest Map Update a Move to Attract Gen Z?

Is Google’s Latest Map Update a Move to Attract Gen Z?

Last week we discussed hyperlocal search and the need for local businesses to consider user-generated content (UGC), as Gen Z seems to value it the most.

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Is Google Adapting Maps to Compete With TikTok and Instagram?

Google Maps’ latest update integrates 3D aerial views and provides cycling directions using crowd-sourced data from others. There’s also a social component that will notify designated friends when the user leaves or arrives at a destination.

But will this be enough to help Google Maps get the attention of younger generations? According to an article on Android Central Google needs to make a big move, like bringing video shorts to maps. While we don’t see this happening any time soon, it’s an interesting idea.

With Google itself admitting that around 40% of young people are more likely to use TikTok or Instagram than Google Maps or Google Search for a lunch recommendation, don’t be surprised to see future attempts to capture Gen Z, as the Android Central article suggests.

New Search Quality Rater Guidelines Clarify YMYL

Among the big things happening this week is Google’s release of another update to the search quality rater guidelines.

The guidelines clarified that YMYL (your money, your life) content – topics such as health, finance, news, politics and safety that could directly impact a person’s health and well-being – must have a high page quality rating. In order for these to rank highly in search results, they must exhibit EAT.

As we have discussed before, EAT (expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness) is a major factor, especially when it comes to YMYL content. And as the update shows, when the content could impact a person’s life negatively, Google’s raters are expected to ensure a high level of EAT.

This is exactly why we push the fact that you should be integrating EAT into your clients’ Google Business Profiles (GBP). EAT is important on the business’ website and throughout the GBP, as well as in other online listings.

As a reminder, you can integrate EAT by:

1. Demonstrating expertise in your industry, products and services.

Businesses can show expertise in a GBP by encouraging reviews and demonstrating their knowledge on the business’ website (that the Google Business Profile is linked to), as well as on other relevant places such as social media sites. Remember to upload videos that highlight skill and proficiency.

2. Showcasing authoritativeness by adding reliable and accurate information to your Google Business Profile.

In brief, a bare-bones profile is no longer enough to provide EAT, so make sure to include services, products and optimized images.

3. Building trustworthiness through open and honest communication.

Every business will get some negative reviews, but you can build trust by responding quickly and resolving issues. You can also ensure that opening hours, services information, specials and offers are up-to-date and accurate.

You can also strengthen EAT by adding questions and answers in the FAQ section of the Google Business Profile. Continue to publish relevant GBP posts, and always ensure the business’ information (such as contact info and attributes) is maintained and kept accurate.

As we have noted many times, proximity, prominence and relevance are the key local search metrics. But when there aren’t enough pages to satisfy all three conditions, prominence is frequently prioritized. Consequently, by focusing on EAT a business can increase its search presence over competitors who do not exhibit the same valuable qualities.

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