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Learn about the common local citation myths and how to dispel them.

Are You Falling for These Local Citation Myths? [#Infographic]

Citations, citations, citations! There, I said it, and I’ll keep saying it until I have managed to convince every business on the web to fix their bad data. As you know, I’m passionate about helping local businesses get found in search results. As local marketers, we can’t do our job and help these businesses if they have citations that are inaccurate or of low quality.

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Why Are Local Citations Important?

A citation, as you know, is any mention of any business offline and online. While we all love when a citation includes the address, phone number and website link alongside the business name, this isn’t always the case.

Inaccurate local citations damage both consumer trust and the trust search engines have in a business. This bad data is causing consumers to get lost, call bad numbers and ultimately choose the competition – you know, the competitor that actually has their local business data listed correctly on the web.

Citations and Local Ranking Factors Unite

In the most recent local ranking factors study, we learned that citation signals are 8.41 percent, Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) signals are 8.85 percent, review signals are 6.47 percent and social signals are 3.47 percent.

The biggest number is link signals, coming it at a whopping 27.94 percent. There are plenty of other signals to share with you that make up the 100 percent, but today I wanted to draw your attention to the big ones – the ones that are driven by citations. With all of these signals, they will usually include a mention of the business or a link to the business somewhere and somehow.

This is exactly the reason I’m talking about citations again and sharing this easy-to-digest citation myths infographic. Earlier in the year, we talked with you about citation myths and debunked quite a few in-depth. Today, let’s take a high-level approach. Are any of these myths impacting your clients’ placement in search results? Request a demo and find out how we can help.

Local Citation Myths vs. Facts

Get the Local Citation Myths Infographic and the Facts

While I only dove into six citation myths today, they are big ones that impact local businesses’ placement in search each and every day. Request a demo and find out how we can help you better help your customers.

Join my quest to rid the web of bad data and share this citation infographic with your friends and customers. I’ve even made it easy to embed this infographic on your website through the code below.

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