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Win more customers with local content

How to Win More Customers With Local Content Marketing [#Infographic]

2019 is the year of the local business – we’re certain about that! I study local search day in and day out, and I know how to help our partners get an edge over their competitors. One of the ways we do this at Advice Local is through the production of specialized, local-focused content. By the way, this has never been more front-and-center in the local marketing environment than it is today. Let’s talk about why.

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Local Content – A Sales Rep Itself

Plenty of businesses see content as less valuable than it is. In fact, it often has an underestimated role in the selling process. Sure, there are many articles presented as “how-to” guides or that provide insight on a business’ area of expertise, but what’s their ultimate goal? To sell.

When a plumber publishes an article on the signs indicating the need to replace a faucet, they want to be the company selected by the homeowner to replace their faucet! If the content is written in a way that establishes the plumber’s authority as a knowledgeable professional, the reader is more likely to give them a call.

This tactic doesn’t only apply to articles, but also to content on individual pages throughout a business’ website. Don’t be fooled; everything is tactical!

Local businesses have a steep challenge from the get-go: to compete with larger, household-name brands. To do that, a sound local content strategy is foundational. To easily create a local content strategy, I’ve taken points from my four-part series on “Creating a Local Content Marketing Plan” and summed them up in this infographic.

An Easy, Local Content Marketing Infographic How-To

Local Content Marketing Infographic

What’s Trying to Be Accomplished With Local Marketing Content?

As you can see from the local content marketing infographic, before a local business owner can begin writing content for their website, their next how-to, or a sales page, they need to do a deep-dive into what they want to accomplish. There can be multiple goals! But, it starts with a frank conversation on what the industry is, who would be most attracted to the services or products offered, and how to attract them.

Once these questions have been answered, it’s go time. For a local business in the service industry, like the plumber mentioned above, a geo-specific paid advertising and content campaign is the way to go. Promoting an event or special offer? Make a Google Post. Google Posts are live for up to seven days on the brand’s Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) listing. All of these moves are considered local content marketing!

Understanding what works and what doesn’t is crucial. Don’t worry, I have all the detailed steps for you! Here are the links:

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Help is Always Around the Corner

At Advice Local, we work every day toward local businesses’ success. Local content marketing is just one of the ways we help our partners. Request a demo today, and see how we can help you, too.

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